Baseball Before Bedtime: If It's The Beaches

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tiredchinaman.jpgHere's what happened in baseball while you took whatever you thought of, while I gassed up the truck:

Royals 4, Rays 2: Aw shit. Before I even ask the question, tell me you'll say yes. Ok? Good. The Rays are not going to win the AL East. Tonight they fell victim to the overpaid Fat Dad Gil Meche. Pops tossed 7 scoreless and Ross G. Load & John "Uncle" Buck drove some guys in. All together now WoWies: The Rays aren't winning the East.

Brewers 4, Cardinals 3: Tell me how my dustpan taste. Mr. Braun goes fourforfour with a ding dong. Sounds cool right? What if i told you that ding dong was, in reality, a GO AHEAD NINTH INNING TATER TOT FUNNY BONE? Would you like that better? I thought you would. Eat shit, Cardinals.

Cubs 6, Marlins 3: Carlos Zambrano was hot in the poor places last night. Z struck out 6 in 7. Carlos "Nice" Marmol got the save in place of Kerry Wood, Aramis drove in 2, and the Cubs won for the first time in 11 fucking games. Lou Piniella said this:
"I don't know want to use the word remarkable, but that's what comes to mind," Piniella said. "Of the fact that we haven't been to where we want to go for a long time everybody has gotten on our bandwagon but it hasn't been easy. It's been a complete struggle if you want to know the truth.

Anyone who can translate into English gets a beer from me.



I like that picture more than the sleeping kitten.

Hey guys. Sorry I put this up so late. I tried something called "alcohol" last night. It tastes good, but boy are a lot of people mad at me today! Weird!

How dare you brazenly flaunt your wanton disregard for the 18th amendment?

Apparently Piniella tried this "alcohol" last night too.

Translation: "Baseball talking is hard."

Oh CTC, you so salty.

Fuck Pinieielilia, just come out and say it: I'm under a lot of pressure to win the goddamn World Series.
Just have your fade already, Cubs.

Did you guys see Braun stare that tator and waltz down the first baseline last night? The think barley made it out. What a d-bag. I really hope he gets thrown at next time they play the Cardinals

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