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The good folks over at Mottram Incorporated shared a great video of a gentleman at an Orioles game attempting to catch a foul ball with the bridge of his nose:

Full disclosure: my Little League career ended at age 12 when I attempted to catch a shallow pop fly and the ball hit me directly in the left eye. I'd run in to catch it from left field but when I looked up to find the ball, I couldn't see it because it blended in with the overcast white sky. The ball knocked me out and I ended up with a black eye, thus ending my Little League days with a career .220 OPS.

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He's since been fired by Under Armour.


going to pass on commenting...will go back to stealing candy

I like how the stadium quickly flashed the "no interfering with balls in play" sign, literally adding insult to injury.

And judging by your WoW staff photo, it's still swollen shut? Or that actually happened 2 weeks ago in a softball game at the company picnic?

his under armor hat COULD NOT PROTECT THIS NOSE.

1) Just a short while later, Brian Runge re-enacted this moment on his call at the plate. He played the part of the ball. The Tigers were the nose.

2) If them were tater chips, there's no way Miguel misses that catch.

"Fuck, this is just like little league!"

::Grabs G-Unit white hat::

::Goes to funnel cake stand::

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