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blue-jays-fan-723761.jpegHey I forgot the afternoon game post! Who plays on Friday afternoons anyway? The Cubs and Marlins are tied at 1 in the top of the third. Your poem is The Colonel by Carolyn Forche.

More importantly, you may have noticed that our achilles heel here at Walkoff Walk is our weekend coverage. There's lots of good baseball on the weekends and we tend to phone stuff in. It makes us look lazy and it's no fun for you to read anyway. So in an attempt to remedy that for everyone involved, I'd like to introduce our new Weekend Editor, Lloyd The Barber.

Lloyd is the proprietor of the excellent Blue Jays blog, Ghostrunner On First. He knows baseball, he knows music, he knows funny and we think he's going to fit in just great. He'll be taking care of you on Saturday and Sunday mornings and maybe even some stuff in the afternoons if the mood strikes him. He's Canadian, so you know you can trust him.

It's a great weekend for him to start, there's a lot of rad divisional stuff we'll look at later, and I'd like to be the first to welcome him aboard. That picture isn't him, but that dude looks cool anyway.

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Three cheers for the bus driver
The bus driver
The bus driver

Three cheers for the bus driver
Who drove us today

He drinks and he smokes
And he tells dirty jokes

Three cheers for the bus driver
Who drove us today




does this mean we'll just see Bluejays coverage on Sat and Sun?

and isn't he too busy getting high and enjoying his free healthcare?

next thing you know WoW is going to be run by the Belgians and instead of covering baseball, it'll turn into a waffle-eating soccer blog

-Lou Dobbs

Takeoff Walk.... Hoser

Matthew McConaghey is a Blue Jays fan?


Can't be. That guy has a shirt on.


cant be a Blue Jays fan b/c he has a shirt?

first, naked people in the hotel rooms, now naked people in the actual ballpark....when did the skydome become a nudist colony?

Damn liberal Canadians and their socialized nudity.

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@ Lloyd


well, it looks like I'm just going to be reading this blog on the weekends now that we know where the real comedy is

looking forward to it Lloyd!!

ps: Down with CTC!!....he smells and he's too hairy...kind of like bigfoot's dick

eh, you guys still stink

even with the canuck

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