Billy Wagner: Worst All Star This Year or Worst All Star Ever?

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The entire baseballblogosphere is up in arms over the American League players' selection of Jason Varitek to the All Star team, but really, it's just an unfortunate result of a poor voting system. Joe Mauer received 554 player votes while Varitek got just 159 votes; since Mauer was already elected in by the fans, the second place catcher automatically makes the team. Varitek is having an historically awful year at the plate but I can assure you that most players (even Varitek hisself, I bet) are smart enough to realize that A.J. Pierzynski is more deserving of a nod here.

Still, the selection of Billy Wagner to the National League squad is a far more egregious misstep. Do you think the man with SIX blown saves this season will get into the game? Sure, the Mets needed a representative to the game, but why not take the NL's fifth best ERA in Johan Santana? Why not take the second best third baseman in David Wright? Why not take the best all-around centerfielder in Carlos Beltran? Why not take the saddest mascot ever in Mr. Met?

In terms of Baseball Prospectus' stat WXRL (win expectancy added over replacement level) that rates relief pitchers, Wagner sits at 50th place in the National League. He's behind Duaner Sanchez, Joe Smith, and Scott Schoeneweis on his own team, and at 0.715, he's more than three wins behind league leader Brad Lidge. Wagner has blown six games in 2008 but because of his team's good fortune, he's lost only one game.

Wagner's strikeout-to-walk ratio is very good at 41:8 but he's allowed four tater tots that have each led to a blown save. He usually comes into the game at the start of an inning but in other certain situations, he's inherited five runners and allowed three of them to score. Yuck.

So don't expect NL manager Clint Hurdle to motion for Wagner in the bottom of the ninth with a lead. I'm sure he'll want to preserve his Rockies' chance of having home field advantage in the 2008 World Series.

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the second place catcher automatically makes the team

I thought the MLB players were responsible for selecting the backups at each position?

/resumes fuming about futility and injustice of All-Star system

I think you could argue that Kerry Wood was just as shitty of a pick and he didn't even fill a quota.

Sorry I never learned how to read.

The overall stacking of relievers on these rosters (especially the AL), is puzzling.

I think FOX pushed the Wagner selection, so that Buck and McCarver could spent 10 minutes rehashing the "Enter Sandman" "controversy".

"win expectancy added over replacement level"

I love stats as much as the next guy/gal, but these dorks need a freakin' hobby.

Jerry Manuel threatened to cut Hurdle if he didn't take Wagner.

Sure most players would admit that Pierzynski deserves the nod, but since he's a prick, they told him to go have sexual relations with hisselves.

Duaner Sanchez's name is better-nickname-proof. No "Your Duanerness"; no "El Duanerino," even if you aren't into the whole brevity thing. Just call him "The Duaner" and be done with it, people.

However, Wagner is third in the NL in FHQWHGADS.

I'm just glad no Mets fans read this website.

There are still Mets fans around?

Personally I think Joe Mauer should play every position for the AL.

Since interleague play started, the All-* game has lost its shine.


That is all.

yeah Clint Hurdle and his next to last place rockies..please, what are any of them doing in there.thats the egregious misstep.

Clint Hurdle and the rockies are the egregious to last place.please

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