Classic TV Friday & Today's Afternoon Games: Together At Last

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Your classic TV post for the week is from the 70s. I apologize in advance for the jingle getting stuck in your head. The jingle that states in no uncertain terms "if you have no friends and your dad your won't play with you, get someone to buy you this." It's The Playball!

  • 2:05, Dodgers at Astros: Chad Billingsley takes on Brandon "My Neck My" Backe "Lick My Pussy and My Crack" as the Astros try and even up the 4 game series. Please Dodgers, in the name of everyone who has ever claimed to be the victim of east coast bias, please go on a run and get to .500.

  • 3:40 Brewers at Diamondbacks: My man Manny Parra looks to stick it to Brandon Webb and the Arizona Teamiamsickoftalkingabouts. Parra is unbeated in 10 starts, getting the W in his last 6 and posting a 2.41 ERA. Word.

Have a good holiday weekend, chuckleheads.

(Ed. Note: But stay tuned for a special Weekend Questions.)

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CTC loves the pitchers who give up a ton of walks, like Manny Parra or Daisuke Matsuzaka and his collection of tentacle porn.

A Khia reference? That's something I never thought I'd see here.

Well done

So, wait . . . where the f*ck is Woody Woodpecker?

So, wait . . . where the f*ck is Woody Woodpecker? I was told he'd be right back!

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