Dan Quisenberry Bobblehead Giveaway Prompts Questions

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While listening to the Tigers-Royals game yesterday to see if Armando Galarraga could keep his perfect game going (he couldn't), I heard an interesting announcement. Seems the Kansas City Royals have an interesting promotion scheduled for Saturday: Dan Quisenberry Bobblehead Day.

Now Dan Quisenberry was one of the best relievers of the 1980s, amassing 244 career saves. Quiz had a wicked submarine delivery that baffled hitters; he didn't have a dominant heater but he fooled batters with his sinker and his bushy moustache. He was a fan favorite and signed a career contract with KC in 1983, only to be released in 1988 after being demoted to mop-up duty (damn you, Steve Farr!). After retiring from baseball, Dan became a poet and published a coupla books of poems.

So what's the problem? Well, don't you think it's a little...weird...to have a bobblehead day for someone who died of brain cancer?

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This isn't any weirder than the time the Indians had bobbleheads for those two pitchers who were decapitated in that boating accident...although they did make pretty shitty souvenirs since their 'bobble' heads kept coming off...

/going to hell

No worse than John Kruk Bobbleball day.

Isnt a quisenberry those little fuzzies that get tangled up between my ass crack?

Nope, it's a sugary breakfast cereal, made by the same people who came up with "Full Count Chocula."

If he had Parkinson's, maybe.

@Donkey Time

That was a formative moment for me in my youth, to find out that a major league pitcher (which is obviously what I aspired to be when I was 10 years old) died in a drunken boating accident. Steve Olin, your death taught me about life.

Appropriate = Bobblehead of Quiz in windup.
Inappropriate = Bobblehead of Quiz in medically induced coma.

I don't see what the problem is.

(JK, Quiz's ghost. Mourn you till I join you.
/pours out a sip)

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