Death Fugue: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 1:05, Twins at Red Sox: Don't wake Manny! Too late. I'm not sure if it was legislated by any RSN governors, but Manny has been the main ingredient to the last two wins against Minnesota. He knocked in the game's only run on Monday night, and last night tied the game in the 8th with a two run ding dong. The Twins would reeeeeally like to avoid the broom closet seeing as how the team they're chasing is currently engaged with the Royals. Don't wanna lose more ground. Livan takes on Beckett and i'll be pawing at my office window wishing I could join everyone up the street.

  • 1:05, Rays at Yankees: As Robert mentioned in this morning's BBB, last night was like the Super Bowl for the Yankees. Yes, this July series against Tampa is pretty much the most important thing that has happened to Yankees fans in about 3 years. I'm sure they'd love to keep gloating about last night's win, but it's time to move on. And what better way to move on than to trot out Sidney Ponson! Ol' Smiley got rocked in his last start giving up 7 runs in 5 IP. The Rays counter with Edwin Jackson and 15 years of pent up aggression. Rob is glogging this one because despite all his attempts at neutrality, he's a huge homer.

  • 3:35, Marlins at Padres: The Marlins are only 2 games above .500 but that's good enough to keep them a single game behind the Phils. The NL Central must be hogging all the wins for the entire league. Lord knows the Padres don't have em! This late afternoon matchup pits Scott Olsen vs. Cha Seung Baek vs. your burning desire to leave work early.

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The American League is actually hogging all the wins for the entire National League.

I was just looking at the lineups for the Sox v Twins game and The Twins are lining up 8 Lefties (including switch) against Beckett today. I don't know what his splits are against lefties but that's kind of amazing that they have that many left handed batters.

Lefties are OPS'ing .707 off Beckett in his career, versus .663 for righties.

This year, though, lefties are only OPS'ing .637, versus .685 for righties.

Put that in your hat.

Thanks for the info. I am not going to look it up but I think both rightes and lefties of OPS'ing 1.833 against Livan "The Ball Park" Hernandez.

"Scott Olsen vs. Cha Seung Baek vs. your burning desire to leave work early."

I think we all know who wins that battle.
Hint - it's not the guy with the skinny twin sisters or the #14 from China Panda.

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