Diamondbacks Lower The Bar Even Further

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limbo.jpgFans of the NL West, how do you live like this?? Your first place Arizona Diamondbacks are now 1 game below .500. They lost last night to the Brewers, after a go ahead 9th inning single from the immortal Mike Cameron. Sausage King and WoW favorite Salomon Torres shut them down in the 9th for his 15th save in 17 tries. And the reliably loquacious closer didn't let us down postgame.

"It was a beautiful game," said Torres

Indeed it was. Unless you're a Snakes fan that is. Since May 18, Arizona is is 14-27. That's a worse record than the Mariners over that span. THE MARINERS. They're now just a game ahead of the anemic Dodgers in the loss column. Time to shake things up, right Bob Melvin?

"We're going through a tough period where we're coughing up some games where we don't normally give them up," Arizona manager Bob Melvin said. "They got some big hits when they needed it. That was the deciding factor. They got some big hits and we left some guys out there."
Oh, mighty Oracle! Where does the fountain of your knowledge spring from? The D'Backs have one of the most effective pitching staffs in baseball, so technically Melvin is right. They need to start hitting. They were absolutely on fire for the first month and a half of the season. According to Intern Darren, they averaged 5.44 RPG in the first 43 games, and 3.48 in the 41 since. Their team OPS sits at a truly middling .737 reflecting their two faced season. Which one is the real deal? An extended slump that lasts a month and half may not even be a slump. It may just be the way this team hits.

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Sausage King and WoW favorite Salomon Torres

Abe Froman begs to differ

Considering their offensive prowess last year was akin to the sexual prowess of a dead retarded penguin, I'm gonna say they'll keep struggling to score this year. The first quarter of this season was an aberration.

Seriously, Mike Cameron has been a pretty awesome player for most of his career. Defensively, in his prime, he was significantly better than Junior, Beltran or Torii Hunter.

But Micah Owings hits DING DONGS!!!1111

I saw Cameron last weekend. He looks really strong. I looks like he is going to crush the ball every time he swings.

Defensively, in his prime, he was significantly better than Junior, Beltran or Torii Hunter.

Beltran, sure. Hunter, maybe. But "significantly" better than Jr.? Gorgy, you got some 'splainin to do.

And he looks like Seal

Worst move the Mariners ever made was letting Cameron walk. Sorry, Gorge.

Worst move Ferris ever made was taking Cameron's dad's car.


I'm not disparaging Junior, but I think Cameron was clearly better at getting to balls in Seattle, and that various zone ratings and BABIP stats back that up. I don't think Junior is Jim Edmonds, by any means, but his frequent "spectacularity" probably led people to believe he was a little bit better than he actually was.

I haven't seen the numbers, and I know GG's are sort of bullshit, but in my heart of hearts I'd think it very hard to be "significantly" better than a guy who's won 10 of them.

And the Pads let Cameron go, too, and they need him as bad if not more than the M's.

@ Rob

The Eric Byrnes Death Spiral is in full effect. Last year was a complete abomination for him offensively. The real Eric Byrnes has stretches of 4-50, 7-90 inside of him.

But he does a kick ass job in the All Star game... as an analyst.

Eric Byrnes' death spiral includes two trips to the DL for two different hamstring injuries. He should be shot.

Thanks CTC,
I forgot he was also a "Dude Surfer"

It's actually the Eric Byrnes X-Treme(!) Death Spiral, presented by Diet Mountain Dew.

Iracane, I was mostly referring to his "breakout" year with the A's where he went 7-96 after the all-star break and committed 40569 errors in left field.

And he'd have fewer injuries if he just layed off the greenies and took a normal route to the ball, as opposed to taking 8 steps backwards and then making up for it by diving at everything.

as opposed to taking 8 steps backwards and then making up for it by diving at everything.

Ah, the Jim Edmonds method.

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