Dusty Baker Continues To Step in Dogs**t

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Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker is a favorite target of us and practically any other funny and smart baseball blog, and for good reason. He's got a Type A personality but seemingly makes the worst possible moves in late and close situations. Heck, he even lets his team bat out of order. Still, he's been a successful manager for most of his career, and even finds a way to win games where he makes the worst moves. Take last night's contest against the Pirates, via Patrick Sullivan at Baseball Analysts, down 3-2 in the eighth and two runners on with no outs:

- Manager Dusty Baker put a bunt on with (Joey) Votto at the plate.
- Votto offered and fouled off a (Damaso) Marte pitch. He offered and missed the next. He fouled off an 0-2 pitch and then struck out on Marte's fourth pitch to him.
- (Edwin) Encarnacion came to the plate and battled through an impressive at-bat, only to strike out on the eighth Marte pitch he saw.
- With two outs and (Jay) Bruce set to come to the plate, Baker sent the reigning #1 Baseball America prospect back to the dugout in favor of...wait for it...Javier Valentin. "It couldn't possibly be the Javier Valentin with the .222/.275/.286 line," you say? It was. I watched it live. Valentin grounded out to end the inning.

The Reds put the first two runners on via a walk and single and failed to score. The sac bunt would have been a great idea if Joey Votto actually had 'bunt' in his skill set. True, he has a propensity to GIDP but let the kid swing away. He's got homer power!

Perhaps the end justifies the means, though, because Alberta Griffey's son Ken hit a pinch hit walkoff two-run tater tot, much to the surprise of Darren Baker.

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I'm not really sure how Joey Votto not being able to bunt or Edwin Encarnacion not being able to hit is Dusty's fault. Just sayin.

I'm shocked Dusty hasn't moved Volquez to middle reliever yet.


I feel like there should be more Bob Melvin hating. Guy's got an absolutely championship-caliber team (plus Randy Johnson who's SO OLD LOLLERS) and they're flirting so hard with the .500 mark they're starting to embarrass themselves. At some point, I feel like you have to start faulting managerial style for that.

Votto not being able to bunt isn't his fault, but if Dusty knew that and told him to anyways, that's his fault.

Trey Griffey is going to whoop Darren Baker's ass

I'm just upset that Corey Patterson wasn't somehow involved in all of this, cuz then we would have seen Iracane's head pop off.

Trey Griffey has to be old enough to be in AA ball by now

HAHAHA oh my god I JUST clicked on that Darren Baker link... it's like one of those Boys and Girls Club commercials!

The fact that Dusty has been reasonably successful as a manager, despite his propensity for absurdly bad decisions, says volumes about how little control managers have of the outcomes of games.

Dusty was reasonably successful as a manager because he had the greatest offensive player of the last billion years on his team. The fact that the Giants squandered Barry Bonds and didn't win multiple WS titles is an indictment of Brian Sabean, Larry Dole and Peter McGowan, and Dusty Fucking "Take Russ Ortiz out of Game 6" Baker.

Hey Iracane, how is the sister holding up? I just found out my sister is pregnant.

Does "reasonably successful" mean "cashes checks well"?

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