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Whee.jpgSo ol' Frank got his save on against the A's yesterday. It was the 38th time he's done so this season, but apparently he doesn't subscribe to the "act like you've been there" theory and Jack Cust didn't take too kindly to his post save histrionics.

"I don't think he's got too many fans in this clubhouse," Oakland designated hitter Jack Cust said of Rodriguez, who is seven for seven in save opportunities against the A's this season.

"That's what he does; guys know that's his reaction. We would have been pumped too, if we won. If he's overwhelmed with the win, that's fine. I don't usually have enough energy for that."

I don't necessarily agree with Cust taking offense. Rodriguez is intense and he worked out of a bases loaded jam against his team's closest division rival. He's allowed a fist pump. I didn't always think like this. When I was a kid I hated Dennis Eckersley for years because once he struck out Dwight Evans and shook his fist at him. I was livid. I love Dwight Evans. But people grow up and mature and you get over things like that and chalk it up to the heat of competition. Doesn't make this any less weird. But still.

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What did Emil Brown think of all this?

Joba doesn't see what the problem is.

"I don't usually have enough energy for that. I'm too tired from swinging and missing 12 times a game."


He raped him.

If Frankie ends up with Polio, don't be surprised.

Sounds to me like Cust doesn't really have a problem with K-Rod, but rather needs one of those little 5-hour Energy shots that you can buy at the counter at 7-11. You know, the ones next to the Tabasco Slim Jims and the horoscope scrolls.

Judging by what's in Eck's hands, he may have caught Cust's polio.

Umm Evan Longoria is in the Home Run Derby tonight and all you can say is "wah wahhh slow news day"?! You assholes.

Is there a player you don't have a huge crush on? I bet watching a game is like watching porn for you.

I call bullshit on anyone not having a problem with Francisco. It wasn't a fist pump. It was a "double-fist-pump-fall-to-your-knees-double-point-then-do-another-double-fist-pump" which was totally infuriating because he is wayyyyyy better than Huston Street.

@BC - odds that FutureMrs is actually Alyssa Milano - 2 to 1.

What sort of gesture did Street make after blowing the save yesterday?


I was watching the game at the gym, and by the time I got home it had K-Rod pitching for the save. So I missed Street's typical crap. I imagine his gesture was akin to a pantomime of pulling out spiked anal beads. That was what it felt like, anyway.

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