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Pawtucket Red Sox reliever Lincoln Holdzkom has the control of a hyperglycemic toddler in a roomful of rock candy. The 26-year-old righty has twice lost a PawSox game on a wild pitch, but his latest transgression actually came on a strikeout. A walkoff strikeout. To two-time World Series winner Timo Perez:

    Toledo's Freddy Guzman scored from third on a wild pitch by Pawtucket reliever Lincoln Holdzkom with two outs in the bottom of the 12th inning. And here's the crazy part: The wild pitch was a curveball that the Hens' Timo Perez swung at and missed for Toledo's 17th strikeout of the game. By the time PawSox catcher Dusty Brown retrieved the wild pitch, Guzman had scored and Perez narrowly beat Brown's throw to first.

Wow, I thought a walkoff walk was bad, but a walkoff wild-pitch-on-third-strike-to-former-major-leaguer-named-Timo? Baseball players are always inventing new ways to fuck up. What's next? The walkoff-bad-throw-back-to-pitcher-by-catcher-with-the-yips? The walkoff-extra-ball-thrown-onto-field-by-fan-thus-confusing-Manny?

Heck, I didn't even know Timoniel M. Perez was still alive. Or that he won the Triple-A All Star Game MVP award last year! But yes, it's true, he won the World Series with the ChiSox in '05 and the Cards in '06. So to recap: Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Ernie Banks, Ted Williams: zero World Series rings. Timo Perez: two World Series rings.

(We owe a Diet Coke to Ian at Sox and Dawgs, who also linked us to video evidence of the WoK)

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That would actually be walkoffkwp.com

WoK N Roll!

So does this mean we get a video of a hermit crab riding an exercise bike? WHERE IS MY WHIMSICAL AQUATIC-THEMED YOUTUBAGE

"What's next? The walkoff-bad-throw-back-to-pitcher-by-catcher-with-the-yips?"

That kinda already happened. K-Rod was bitching about balls/strikes to the homeplate ump, and instead of catching the throwback, he swatted at it. The ball went over his head and Jason Kendall, who is a grinding gamer, scored from third. A's win. Happened in Kendall's last year with the team.


WoKka WoKka WoKka!

"The walkoff-bad-throw-back-to-pitcher-by-catcher-with-the-yips"

I did this playing catcher in little league.
Hit a go-ahead homer in the top half, then threw the ball over the pitchers head with men on second and third.
Not good times.

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