Gary Carter Is A Bitch

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sadgirl.JPGWhile perusing this morning's ASG headlines I came across the following life reaffirmation: Gary Carter is one of the most annoying people that have ever lived on Earth. Yes, once you saw he was at the game last night, weren't you just waiting for some petulant quote from the only baseball player to ever beg his way into the HoF? Well LoHud has some piping hot breakfast time whine for you. It seems Gary didn't like the way his famous "I could be in New York tomorrow" coaching the Mets quote was handled and considers himself... wait for it... wait for it... A VICTIM.

"They were totally taken out of context," Carter said when a group of Hall of Famers met with the media at the same hotel prior to riding in the Red Carpet Parade and being honored in a pregame ceremony.

"There was no intent whatsoever. I've already extended my apologies, if that was necessary, to Willie and just to the organization.

"Why was I the victim? I mean, why? Because I just answered a simple question, 'Would I be interested?' That's it. I wasn't trying to take anything away from Willie at all. And I also was thinking in lines of if the opportunity existed in any organization, basically."

What a dink. I heard the interview. He got criticized because he was already coaching a team yet reacted to the Mets question like your dog reacts to a Snausage. He campaigned against Randolph and talked about why he was the wrong coach for that team. It was a virtual sales pitch. No one was lying in wait trying to blow his quotes out of proportion, because frankly, no one cares that much. To paraphrase: There is no vast anti-Gary Carter conspiracy.

So get over it curly. You're bugging me.

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I've already extended my apologies, if that was necessary,

That sounds really sincere, Mr. Carter

He's always been a bitch. Fuck Keith Hernandez too.

I'm cool with Mookie tho.

I wrote a paper for my college sabremetrics course arguing that Carter should be elected to the HOF. If I could go back in time and rip that shit up right now. Also, I would have taken an accounting course instead of a sabremetrics course.

Great hair though.

I thought he was being a bit of a dick when he brought out and flashed his Mets cap while wearing an Expos cap. Hey Kid, you're the only Expo in the HoF - that's gotta stand for something, right?

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