Gotta Serve Somebody, Shin-Soo Choo

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koreanmilitary-small.jpgI'd never known it before, but Shin-Soo Choo is a lot like me. You see, he's facing a potentially life altering problem. One that could disrupt his livelihood and possibly result in jail time. As a South Korean, Choo is obligated to serve two years in the military. His deadline for service is 2010 but there are a bunch of obstacles standing in his way.

How is he dealing with this impending doom as it inches closer and closer? The same way I would. He's totally ignoring it until something awful happens.

Choo, a South Korean, must serve two years in the military. He says the deadline for entering the military is 2010.

"I try not to think about it," he said before the Indians' 14-11 loss to the Angels on Wednesday.

Choo says Korean athletes can get excused from military service if they do well in the Olympics.

"If you win any kind of medal in the Olympics, you might only have to serve four weeks," said Choo.

Choo's problem is South Korea won't take baseball players for its Olympic team if they're on the 25-man roster of a big-league club.

"The Indians couldn't send me to the minors [to be on the Korean team] because I'm out of options," said Choo, who added "There's too much stress to worry about it now."

My god, we're like brothers. Trying to pretend something bad isn't about to happen has been a staple of my emotional wellbeing for over two decades. From school, to work, to relationships, it's a never fail plan. Until it fails.

Maybe the Indians should have looked into this before signing Choo? I can't believe that front office would have done something dumb in the past couple of years.

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Fuck, what are the laws in India? Are Rinku and Dinesh gonna have to fight in Kashmir?

It's not too late to take up rhythmic gymnastics, Choochi!

Oh my god it's Jackie Chan!

Well, eventually he'll have to Choo-Choo-Choose military service or exile.

Apparently in South Korea it's illegal to have more than one batting helmit. Who knew?

That Korean soilder's glasses are surprisingly emo. Joe Madden is impressed.

Is South Korea the good one or the bad one?

"Hey dude, check it out. I added rebar to my gun. I got the idea from ReadyMade."

drinking High Life on a public bus > conscription

I would have to think spending two years in the South Korean military is better than spending one day in Cleveland

Can't he just, like, flee to Canada or something?

I got the idea from ReadyMade.

And I'm supposed to be the hipster around here?

That supposed to be in the voice of Mr. Emo Glasses Korean Soldier. But yes, I have outed myself.

In Sovier Russia, you don't have to win a medal if you serve in the army!

/damn, that's harder to do than I thought.
//I apologize, Mr. Smirnoff.

@bc twins: That's funny. You must be glad it's July, only expect about 4 inches of snow this month up your way?

@Cheif: Cleveland actually averages more snow in a year than Minneapolis


Including ice pellets AND sleet? NOAA, you disgust me for your decadent, un-American permissiveness.

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