Holiday Weekend Questions

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Hey kids. Check out your local purveyors of fine televised baseball this extended rivalry weekend and find out:

  • WHICH American League East team won't lose ground to the streaking Rays, the Yankees or the Red Sox?

  • CAN the Cardinals build on their good 22-17 record against their own division and make up a two-and-a-half game deficit as they host the Cubs?

  • WILL Oakland's pitching staff carry the team when they head to Chicago for a four-game set with the red hot White Sox?

  • MIGHT the Giants finally start winning some home games against the Dodgers and pull closer to the NL West 'leading' Diamondbacks?

  • IF the Phillies sweep the Mets at Citizens Bank Park, will Matt Cerrone break another toe?

  • DO you really think you can make it all weekend without reading this Will Carroll-recommended piece on Tim Lincecum in Sports Illustrated?

Then meet us back here on Monday morning for the answers to these questions and other questions you never thought of asking. Enjoy your Independence Day weekend!

Thanks again to Vernon Balanza for taking such great pictures of Lady Liberty

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WHERE did everyone go?

If it's in SI, I'm pretty sure I can make it all weekend, yes.

/Does not have a dentist appointment scheduled in the near-term

Why:Haven't they let me leave yet.

Why did I leave my old job where I would have left by noon today?


I worked from home today. Ergo, drinking.

WHEN will the freakin' company bbq start?!?!
I gotta get to the Giants/Cubs game to see Lincecum all over the Cubbies.

I see what Phillas did there with the wordplay. I will say Lincecum has reached the "must-see" status. When he's on the Yankees in a few years we can take pride in the fact that we saw his beginnings in the Bay.

Whew, I just worked my first four hour stretch in a few months. I'm wiped out. How do you guys do this every day?

Not only did the Mariners have the draft position to get Lincecum, but he pitched at UW, so they didn't even have to leave Seattle to scout him. And they STILL passed him over for Morrow. Fraidy cats.

Who works an hour a day?

Why can't I find video of the "RocketUnit" commerical, anywhere? It's as if the internets erased it completely.

Lincecum dominated the Cubs, but Osiris Matos a-Nile-ated the batters.

“We feel good. We like the position we’re in, we like the situation we have going right now,” Pierzynski said. “We like the way we’re playing, and we like the way everyone is contributing.”

We we we we we we we we we we we. We!

Is Pierzynski channeling his inner Will Leitch?

Francoeur got sent to AA. Lolz. Happy birthday America

Happy 4th, putos. Funny enough, my fiance bought nothing but Mexican beers for today. I'll pour out some Pacifico and Sol for you guys.

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