Hurt Hawks: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 12:37, Rays at Jays: This one's for rubber, brudder. Roy Halladay pitched well last night but Matt Garza was on total lockdown. His complete game performance and huge hits from Hinske and Longoria put the Rays 2 games up on the punchless Red Sox. Today's matchup pits Edwin Jackson against something called a Scott Richman. Where's that Canadian we hired? He might know something about this guy.

  • 1:05, Orioles at Yankees: Millar is hot, Huff is hot, the starters have been good. It's been an exemplary couple of games for the O's at Yankee Stadium. Joba Chamberlain will try and put a stop to the sweep this afternoon. Tons O' Fun completely eviscerated Boston in his last start and has allowed but 1 run in 13 innings since the ASB. He is opposed by Dennis Safarte, normally a reliever making his first big league start. Knock em dead, Dennis.

  • 3:35. Royals at A's: Rob will be glogging this game. The only reasons I can think of are:

    A. He doesn't wanna be forced to do a whole game and can use the 5 O'clock bell as an excuse to leave.
    2. He's trying to impress Farthammer

    Regardless of his motives, the live comedy stylings of Mr. Iracane will be trained on this one featuring Brian Bannister and Sean Gallagher on the ones and twos. KC has their hand on the broom closet.

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Scott Richmond, what a boring story. Your run-of-the-mill Canadian kid plays ball in high school, works as a longshoreman for three years, plays senior and semi-pro baseball for fun. Is offered contract at a Blue Jays open try-out, starts career in double A where he struggles, is called up to AAA and pitches well enough to earn a call to the big club. Two weeks before the start of the Olympics, where he was to anchor the squad. Yawn.

Why did the A's have to start off so hot? Just to tease me to within an inch of release, only to shut their mouth and turn on the tv whilst my nads turn blue?
Guh. Getting swept by the Royals would hurt, but it will all be worth it when the A's finish in first place next year, lose in the ALDS, and promptly trade all their best players so they can "build towards the future."

Shouldn't it read "featuring Brian Bannister and Sean Gallagher and John Buck and Kurt Suzuki on the ones and twos"?

He prefers "Bazooki"

Sean Gallagher smashes watermelons with his fastball

@ matt_T: but Brian Bannister turns big and green when he's angry.

His last start, Gallagher was hitting 97 on his fastball. He also was throwing it dead straight, to the Rangers. That ended well.

Aubrey Huff is the reason I am not glogging the Yankees game.

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