I Am Going to Nom My Face Off at Citi Field

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With Shea Stadium set to be imploded/dismantled/burned to the ground after this season is through, Mets fans all over the greater Long Island area are foaming at the mouth for the next great ballpark to arise from the ashes. Citi Field is going to look like Ebbets Field and feel like Camden Yards, but most notably, it's gonna taste like heaven:

While we've all known for awhile that Danny Meyer had a deal cooking with the new Mets stadium, Citi Field, the Union Square Hospitality Group just released the most detailed line up of the offerings to date. In addition to the rumored Shake Shack and Blue Smoke the new stadium will also have a yet-to-be-named taqueria featuring "authentic" tacos and Pop Fries, USHG's new fry stand concept (think the East Village's Pomme Frites).

Flushing, Queens is a pretty far trip from my home base in Jersey, and yet even with my hatred of the Mets, I guarantee I will make the three-train trip to this place just to eat my way through the concourses. Shake Shack's original location is in New York City's own Madison Square Park and features some of the most delicious and fresh hamburgers, Chicago-style hot dogs, and hand-spun milkshakes in the world. Blue Smoke is an urban BBQ joint and I can imagine they'll be pumping out Memphis-style pork ribs by the rack. And 'authentic' tacos? Sounds delish!

Also, I would love to watch Carlos Beltran strike out while downing some pommes frites with some saffron-infused mayo.

No telling what kind of local beer they'll be serving at the park, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some Brooklyner Weisse beer from the good folks at Brooklyn Brewery. Full disclosure: this beer made my pee smell funny last weekend.

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When I think BBQ, I definitely think New York.

NEW YORK CITY!!! Get a rope.

"urban" BBQ joint? What are you trying to say?

Yeah, Pace Picante commercial taglines!

Also, "authentic" tacos sound so much better than this steak and mayonnaise eggo waffle taco I am eating.

I figured you would get it since we are the same age and don't live in New York.

"authentic tacos? Sounds delish"

Who let Rachel Ray post on this site ?? fag...

Iracane, why dont you go ahead and approve this same username over as commenter at the spin??

Six Points >>>>>>>>>>>>> Brooklyn Brewery

@RedsoxHomophobe: I approved you, and then banned you immediately.

Blue Smoke sounds like it would be tasty after some Purple Haze.

There's a Chicago-style hot dog spot in Madison Square Park? I guess that question is settled, because there isn't one New York-style hot dog place here in Chicago. Vienna Beef says Sabrett can get bent.

However: There are many New York-style pizza places all over Chicago because Chicago-style pizza is still fucking disgusting.

Bay Area steak-and-mayo waffle tacos sound good too.

How do Chicagoans (the Chicagoese? Chicagoites?) survive without dirty water dogs?

The water may still be dirty, but the plethora of toppings ("Hot dog in a garden.") make you forget all about the water. There's also the "char dog" option. Or you can go to sausage heaven at Hot Doug's

@Rob Iracane:

You do what you need to do. But i read your work, so please try to refrain from sounding like frumpy mcnasty Rachel Ray. Not asking for much...

Rachael Ray is a saint! She freed us from the chains of having to make meals that take longer than 30 minutes to cook! I used to make dinner in 31 minutes but now I do it in 30!

It's his blog, asshole, he can write whatever the fuck he wants.

Just wait until someone come out with 29 minute meals.

No! You can't cook in just 29 minutes! It has to be 30 minutes! What are you, insane? You need that one extra minute!

Step into my office, because you're fucking fired!!!

Settle down Phony, all this talk about food has your chubby ass all riled up.

I'm 6'5", homeslice, so I doubt I ... shit, I am chubby. Damn beer and meat.

Citi field menu items:
billy wagner - plenty of FAT meatballs over plate
omar minaya - big chicken grill, fired thru the night
bobby bo - small meal, big price; won't fill you up
gary carter - you get food that previous customer ordered because "you're available" to eat
john olerud style - food served in a mini helmet
david cone - wiener, no bun; only served in bullpen cafe

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