I Have Rangers Fever! Oops, False Alarm, Just Sat On A Tumbleweed

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Power_Rangers.jpgAfter the Rangers mighty fine walkoff win last night, this ragtag bunch of sluggers and their fans are getting kind of excited. The Angels don't look like a runaway train and while the A's have some of baseball's best pitching, if that goes south, they can't score enough runs to make up for it. So do Washington's Army really have what it takes to make a run in the AL West? It could take some deadline moves by much loved/reviled GM, Jon Daniels. WoW friend Richard Durrett of the Dallas Morning News took a look at some possibilities.

(Daniels) has until the end of the month to figure out exactly where this team sits, but the thinking at this point must remain 2009 and 2010. That doesn't mean a big firesale. I agree with Mike that the Rangers should be sellers, but I don't think that should be everybody. Unless the offer is too good to pass up, I keep Milton Bradley and offer him arbitration after the season. If he takes it, you've got a DH next season (and a darn good one). If not, worst-case scenario is you get two first-round picks in return. So it better be a great deal to trade him. The Ranger player with the highest market value could be Eddie Guardado. I'd be interested to see what the Rangers could get for him.

Guardado hasn't been "Everyday Eddie" in awhile but it's possible he could fit in as an emergency stopgap somewhere. Let me pull Chicago out of my ass, where Bobby Jenks just hit the DL with bursitis in his shoulder. This is troubling because having bursitis means you're 70.

Of course all of this hinges on whether or not the Rangers keep winning. Their last series before the break is against those first place White Sox, and they open up the second half with a 9 game roadtrip through Minnesota, Chicago and Oakland. Everyone should have a pretty good idea of where Texas stands after that.

But, hey! We're talking about the Rangers at the All-Star break. That's a positive sign.

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I was talking about the Rangers at the All Star break last season, too. Wait nevermind, I was thinking of how Night Ranger played before the Home Run Derby.

The Pink Ranger was always hot.

Dude. Pre-White Ranger Power Rangers >>>>>>>>>>>>> White Ranger version. Even the Green Ranger was pushing it.

If I was Conan, I'd pull my Walker, Texas Ranger lever right now.

Hey everyone, I turn 28 today. Let's all talk about good presents for Farthammer, starting with signing Bonds to the A's for $500,000.

You know who else has a birthday today? Jessica Simpson and Andre Dawson.

Hey, Hammer--Happy Birthday. I can scarcely remember what it was like to be 28, so my presents for you are envy and contempt.

Happy B-day Fartie.
I'm on my way to U-tah for 5 days. I'll have a 3% beer in your honor.

And the Rangers will melt in the Texas heat come August.
As per SOP.

looks like the rangers can't even win in the comments section...they've been outscored by the power ranges and birthday wishes

@ phillas

watch out for Teddy Dupay when you're in Utah

Atlanta needs an outfielder. Teixeira for Bradley.

Happy Birthday Mr. Hammer, I will beer bong a 40 of Olde English in your honor.

And the Green Ranger was the shit

correct me if I'm wrong, but didnt the Green Ranger look a lot like Nadal?

How about a trip to the DL for Harden. Would that be a good present?

@Gunter: I'm not his type. I fight back. A little.



We don't want Tex back. The fact that that asshole's gone and people actually like to play for the Rangers now is half the reason we're playing well this year.

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