Jeff Francouer Released From Time Out; Barrels Back Outside To Play

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pouting kid.jpgAfter a grueling three days in the minors, struggling Braves outfielder Jeff Francouer is back up with the club. While sitting with his arms folded on a stool in the kitchen of AA Mississippi, Frenchy was told he could go back to the majors and play with the big boys as long as he stopped hitting like crap and didn't argue when it was time to take a shower and go to bed. From our friends at the AJC:

"Even though it's only been three days, I feel like a new guy," Francoeur told the Journal-Constitution by phone during a layover in Chicago. "I was hoping to get there before the game. But now I'm just excited to be there and be with the guys. The only thing is, I have no clothes.

"I'm just glad to have it over with," said Francoeur, who found out Monday morning he was going back up. "It's one of those things I'm going to forget about. It won't do me any good to think about what happened. I need to go out and swing the bat and help the team."

Francoeur left Atlanta on Friday with a .234 batting average, the weight of the world on his shoulders, and upset that he was being sent down after three years in the major leagues. He returns having hit .538 (7-for-13) in three games for Mississippi, with a triple and two RBIs.

Francouer had some not so nice words for the team when he went down last week, but the four hits he had in Mississippi on Sunday seem to have erased both his distaste with the team and the team's distaste with his hitting. Sadly, Frenchy's Forum is silent on the whole thing. I was hoping to read some catfish reviews or something.

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Funny how injuries turn management into desperate donnas. Oh, pitchers Jeff Bennett and Manny Acosta and infielder Omar Infante are hurt? Just bring up the sadsack.

I need to go out and swing the bat and help the team

Someone STILL hasn't learned the value of a walk.

@Rob - I loved the "Desperate Donnas" last album.

Which Frenchy is lamer: Sgt. Hauk's pal in Good Morning Vietnam or Jeff Francouer?

As someone whose first, middle, and last names are usually misspelled, I feel a kinship with the subject of this post. So even though he plays for the Braves it's on Frenchy's behalf that I tell you it's it's F-R-A-N-C-O-E-U-R.

Jeff and I thank you.

Who spells out your middle name? I would just go with an initial if it's too big of a problem.

Two "it's"? I thought you were a copy editor, Claire.


Yeah Clara get with it.

@Phony Gwynn

Actually, if you must know (and you must) I went on such a bad date this weekend my right eye has been twitching with rage since Sunday afternoon.

I had a date that left me twitching once, too. I'm not so sure I'd call it "bad" though...

I had a date that left me itching once.
Damn crabs.

I had a date that left bitching.... lots of times.

I went on a date once and we totally frenched at the end of it.

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