Jeremy Guthrie Is Disrespectful to Carbon Monoxide

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Baltimore pitcher Jeremy Guthrie and at least seven other Orioles players are doing Mother Nature a favor as they've been riding bicycles to work at Camden Yards this season. Heck, Eutaw Street has become a veritable Chengdu lately.

Guthrie's been commuting via bike since his days at Triple A Buffalo and during his short stints with the Cleveland Indians, and he's hip to the advantage:

"There are some side benefits," Guthrie said. "It's the overall idea of being outside and exercising instead of driving. I hate cars, I hate driving, I hate doing something I don't have to do. For me to drive downtown is a waste of gas; it's a waste of my time. I can ride faster than I can drive."

That's the spirit, Jeremy! And what a better place to be riding a bike around than scenic downtown Baltimore! Baltimore Sun writer Roch Kubakto adds:

Traveling on two wheels instead of four also is healthier, as long as you don't end up under a moving bus, as Brady Anderson once did while in-line skating.

This is the first I'm hearing of the Brady-Anderson-being-thrown-under-a-bus anecdote. A little Googling reveals some details on that story. Weird...I thought the only time Anderson was thrown under a bus was when Jim Palmer accused him of using steroids.

(We owe a Coke to Eamonn Brennan at Die Fanhaus)

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Q: What's the hardest part about inline skating?

A: Telling your father that you're gay.


Freaking Mormons.

Freaking Hippies

Does he ride his bike with no handlebars?

Them corner boys over in the western can't wait to see you, Jeremy.

"There are some side benefits," Guthrie said. "It's the overall idea of being MEDIOCRE and LOSING instead of WINNING. I hate SUCCESS, I hate THROWING STRIKES, I hate GIVING MY TEAM AN OPPORTUNITY TO WIN BASEBALL GAMES. For me to PITCH EFFECTIVELY, it's a waste of my time."

/more accurate

Hey!! Guthrie has been really solid this year. WTF is that all about? His ERA+ is 117 on the season... and it's not his fault the O's don't give him any run support.

/gets defensive for no reason whatsoever

Yeah he's probably one of the top five pitchers in the AL East, and easily the best starter on the O's. BUT HIS TEAM STINKS SO HE MUST SUFFER THE INDIGNATION

@ matt_T: There are handlebars, but no bike seat.

Shrimp riding a bike.

I KNEW Brady Anderson was gay. Not only because I had gay sex with him either.

It would be cool if the authors had calculated the carbon emissions saved from the gasoline not used by Guthrie and his teammates duringzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

A shrimp needs a bike like a fish needs a bicycle.

I would take Guthrie over any member of the current Sox rotation. There I said it. I DO NOT TRUST YOU JON LESTER.

Can we get Joe Blanton in touch with this guy?

That's nothing, Ryan Dempster rides to Wrigley on a unicycle wearing a red wig and clown nose.

Jamie Moyer rides to work on his rascal. CUZ HE'S OLD.


Will you please shut the fuck up about Jon Lester?

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