Joe Torre Flips Out- 1982

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Today's Classic TV Post is a fun one. It has all of our favorites: carnage, injured innocents, profanity, and the opportunity to reflect on how poorly someone has aged.

In this 1982 Braves highlight, the wall along the third base foul line actually collapses as fans reach for an errant throw. That's crafstmanship! Anyway this presents some interesting ground rule interpretations for the umps allowing Joe Torre to go totally animal crackerz. It's a truly inspired tirade. Enjoy.

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I am going to a Jeopardy Brain Bus event today to try and get on the show. Wish me luck. If I make it, and get to Final Jeopardy and don't know the answer, I'll totally wager Walkoff Walk as my dollar amount.

A bus that runs on brains!? That's eco friendly!

If the locale has anything to do with it, I would bet brains do not factor into this bus. Jackson, CA? Fuck me that's a shithole.

Hope none of you live in Jackson, CA.

Behind the shrimp video, this is the best video ever:
1. Rednecks going crazy and collapsing a fence.
2. Dusty Baker was the Dodgers Leftfielder
3. Lasorda and Torre were the managers
4. Its been 26 years and the announcers are the same
5. AFC Stadium was open another 14 years after this incident.

Wow this really runs the gamut as far as evoking things in my brain.

First, I'm blown away that people talked about umpires using instant replay over 25 years ago, and we're STILL haggling over its ethical value today.

Second, Joe Torre, the years have nay been kind to thee.

Lastly, times have definitely changed if you could get away with a berzerk like that and not get tossed.

Only thing missing from the vid was Torre picking his nose.

Even weirder is the Braves announcers were using the same arguements 2 weeks ago.

on replay that is.

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