John Lackey No Hits Red Sox...

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...through 8 1/3 innings.

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John realized that Robb Quinlan would be starting at first base until Teixeira arrived and decided to make offense a nonfactor in the game.

That was almost as satisfying has having been in the game from the start and having had a chance to win.


Fucking Halos getting Texeira. Having someone besides Vlad who can mash makes them a WS favorite from the AL according to my brain.

Trois Pistoles from Unibroue brewery in Canada. Have some.

CAMP TIGER CLAW WILL DIE....t if he gains too much weight.

Doug Davis has gone twice through the order without allowing a baserunner. All he did was beat cancer. JOSH HAMILTON SHITS ON YOUR NON-EXHIBITION ACHIEVEMENTS.

Brian Giles left the tanning bed long enough to fist one into centerfield for a base hit. You win this round 'amilton. Oh you'll come back for the H alright.

Which one of you guys is that in the video?

Which one of you guys is that in the video?

I'm going to get the papers.

the papers

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