June in Review

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Remember Opening Day? That was three months ago already! Just like you, the season isn't as young as it once was. Also, your rent is due. With the turning of each calendar page, Camp Tiger Claw and I will be discussing our picks for:

    - AL Pitcher Of The Month
    - NL Pitcher Of The Month
    - AL Position Player Of The Month
    - NL Position Player Of The Month
    - Biggest Surprise Of The Month

June was fun. In the American League Central, the Detroit Tigers fought their way back into contention while the Cleveland Indians fell behind the Kansas City Royals for last place. Over in the East, the Red Sox and Rays continue to battle it out for first place with the Yankees and Orioles barely staying afloat over .500. Out West, the Angels and A's pitching staffs continue to dominate while the Mariners fired half their staff and yet continue to pay Jose Vidro to play baseball.

In the Senior Circuit, no team was hotter than the...uhh....well no team was really hot, thanks to interleague play. The NL got their asses handed to them on a platter by the AL teams, especially the East-leading Phillies. In the West, Arizona plummeted to a .500 record but hang onto a good-sized lead because the rest of their division eats it way harder.

Enough already. Let's peep these picks, after the jump...

Rob: lets keep it quick
CTC: oh cool your jets auntie
Rob: my bedtime is 11
CTC: Alright Rob, what's the deal with June?
Rob: some folks swooned in June
others found a boon...of hitting and pitching
CTC: You swooned
everytime you watched youtube videos of that ukelele girl
Rob: America's got talent
what can i say
CTC: Who was your NL pitcher of the month Rob?
Rob: Danny Haren was made of magic
CTC: Indeed
I can't figure out how the D-Backs aren't winning
Rob: six starts, 41 innings, and 36 Ks
heck they only picked up 3 wins for Mr. Haren
probably because their offense hit da skids
CTC: Lincecum had another good month
My boy Manny Parra pitched very well for the Brewers
but this was Haren's month. No doubt.
Rob: right on
CTC: How about in the AL?
I bet we picked different people
Rob: i bet you are right. i liked CC Sabathia
CTC: Oh man!
We didn't pick different people!
Rob: just five starts but he got 3 wins
and that nifty complete game shutout
44 K's in 38 innings? me likey
CTC: K/bb ratio was over 9!
Rob: he is made of magic
i cant wait until he becomes a (INSERT TEAM OTHER THAN INDIANS)
CTC: Rockford Peach?
Rob: still, his three wins came against Minnesota, San Diego, and Cincinnati
not exactly murderers row
he'd look horrible in a skort
CTC: Well I also liked John Lackey this month
he had a good "off the DL" month, much like Kazmir last night month
Rob: so did the people who give out the real awards
CTC: But the pure numbers go to Sabathia.
I don't look at those before we do this.
Rob: shutouts are sexy
CTC: btw what is a "last night month"
Rob: normally we do this before those are handed out
i have no idea
we should pick "worst player of month" too
but i dont want to hurt Omar Vizquel's feelings
Rob: do not speak ill of the departed
CTC: Wanna move on to the hitterz?
Rob: i do!
CTC: Hold on.
I need a beer.
Rob: get me a Schlitz
CTC: Fresh out of Schlitz.
Rob: Ballantine?
CTC: You know me, I'm usually a High Life man.
Rob: Rheingold?
CTC: But some hippie left a bunch of Wolaver's Organic IPA here recently.
And I'm drinking it.
It's middling at best, but oh well.
NL HItter of the Month
Rob: i heard it was brewed with chipmunk pee
Rob: I like Hanley Ramirez
he was made of magic
CTC: I believe so
Yes he was.
Rob: i tend to like people who hit home runs and draw walks
and he did both well
CTC: Me too!
Rob: he OPS'ed 1.017 for the month and picked up the slack for Danny Uggla
CTC: Which is why I picked Mark Teixiera
Rob: zing!
CTC: Who picked up the slack for Larry Jones
Rob: doubledy zing
CTC: drew more walks than Han the Man and had one less homerun
OBP was 60 pts higher
Rob: looks like he OPS'ed 1.041
i cant wait until Mark is a (INSERT TEAM OTHER THAN BRAVES)
CTC: Bad News Bear?
Rob: Walter Matthau would touch him where he pees
CTC: Eat it, Buttermaker.
Rob: AL Hitter of the Month
who you got?
CTC: Who on God's green earth would anyone pick besides Florida State Seminole and Boston Red Sock, JD Drew?
Rob: very few sane human beings would pick against the man who lifted the Red Sox from the mire
and led them
CTC: My stars.
Rob: he was superb
he did well on national TV too
CTC: Allow me to reiterate some numbers for the people at home.
Rob: please do
Camp Tiger Stats
CTC: He hit 12 Tater Tots
to go along with 12 Funny Bones
and 12 Ding Dongs
he sluggered .848
Rob: well isn't that purty
he's a True Slugger
but my player of the month was not JD Drew
CTC: And he played his typical underrated defense
Rob: i chose someone who finally broke out of his doldrums and led his team to their first winning month of the year
Detroit's own Curtis Granderson
kid scored 22 runs in 24 games to SPARK the Tiger offense
he reached base at a .406 clip
CTC: JD Drew scored 27 runs
Rob: JD Drew is a man of privilege
Curtis Granderson is pulling himself up by his bootstraps
CTC: Oh yeah cause Granderson is in such a shitty lineup.
Listen buddy.
Rob: ha
CTC: I respect your choice.
Rob: im not your buddy, guy
CTC: I always respect your choices.
This is inane.
Rob: okay you got me, im just trying to be contrary
Rob: JD Drew had the best month of any player so far this year
CTC: Well... Lance Berkman's May was pretty nuts.
They're very close
Rob: are we supposed to pick best surprise of the month?
CTC: I respect your moxie though
Any surprise.
Positive, negative.
Rob: I am surprised that J.P. Ricciardi is still employed in the field of professional baseball
CTC: Ha.
Rob: he embarrassed himself and his team
CTC: I hadn't thought about that, but you sir are on the money.
I was on vacation when Gibbons v. Gaston went down.
So i didn't get the full retarded scope of things.
Rob: it's a bizarre organization
the Frank Thomas thing
the Adam Dunn thing
that other fella who challenged Gibbons to a fight
with a girls name
CTC: Hillenbrand
Rob: yeah her
CTC: And the strangest part is that seemingly none of it affects the team in any way.
Rob: yeah they're perfectly happy in last place
CTC: They're the same dull 'round .500 squad they've always been
Well they don't have the Orioles to kick around anymore.
Rob: or the Devil Dogs
CTC: My surprise is the same surprise I had in April
The A's
That pitching is the real deal.
It has to be because that lineup is swinging a wet noodle.
Rob: their run differential is far better than their record
they need to win more
thats the dumbest thing i've ever said
CTC: If you're following baseball right now you're just flat out learning about guys because they pitch for the A's
Rob: "they need to win more"
CTC: Duscherhererer
That Greg guy...
Rob: Greg Smith
he's a WoW favorite
CTC: They're all WoW favorties in my book.
I'm happy for em
Rob: you just want to impress Farthammer
CTC: Does he root for the A's?
I didn't even know he was a sports fan.
Rob: okay this was fun
talk to you again at the end of July
/removes monthly recap hat
CTC: Maybe
Rob: /dons sleeping cap

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Rob keeps trying to win my heart, as my total flaming gayness for Granderson is well documented.

i cant wait until he becomes a (INSERT TEAM OTHER THAN INDIANS)
i cant wait until Mark is a (INSERT TEAM OTHER THAN BRAVES)

Why do you hate me and Wahoo? Is it our politically incorrect racist mascots?

Granderson's a good pick. You could do worse, Jerkwheat.
Detroit's (hitting) looked good in June.

Was Rob watching an old David Copperfield special? Why is everyone made of magic?

It's my obligation as a complete and unabashed Angels homer to point out that John Lackey gave up 6 freaking earned runs in the entire month of June.

That being said, CC Sabathia could probably strike out God himself.

@Phony Gwynn: nah, he's just been listening to a lot of Queen lately.

The tragedy of the CC situation is that the Tribe has been losing close games. If we had Hafner like he once was we'd be right in it. Instead we're in the basement and might dumb CC. Last night's second consecutive extra inning loss was brutal.

It was late and I was tired.

Ukelele girl looks yummy. Is it bad that I'm old enough to be her father and that doesn't bother me one bit?

Rob's other AL finalist: Richie Sexson

I am such a big sports fan, I once tried to watch a soccer game.

The end is nigh-- a Red Sox and a Yankees fan both celebrating JD Drew. Holy shit.

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