K-Rod Declines Arte Moreno's Pittance, Seeks Cash Grab Instead

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Angels closer Francisco Rodriguez is on pace to set the all time record for saves in a season, but more importantly, he's looking to set a record for salary earned by a closer. Kid is putting himself on the auction block at the end of the season, opting for free agency instead of the $34 million contract the Angels offered him last winter. That's a mere bag of shells, folks. Says Frankie:

"I'm going to go out there and explore the market," Rodriguez said. "They had six years. They didn't get anything done with me. If I wait six years, why not wait another 2 1/2 months?"

Good on you, sir. Which team do you think would pony up the dollars for his services anyway? Which teams have ample payrolls and will need a closer next year? I'd guess the Cubs or the Brewers or the Cardinals or heck, the entire NL Central since the whole division stinks at closing games.

But what about the rest of the 2008 season, Frankie?

"They're still paying me to do my job," Rodriguez said. "I still have to get my job done, and whatever happens, happens."

That's why I call him "Lunchpail Rodriguez". Show up, get the job done, pump your fist, and go home to watch Carson on the Tonight Show.

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I could see a Cust for K-Rod trade going down.

Why not sign a short contract with the Angels until Rivera retires/dies?

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