Look Who's Back

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Look for Harold Reynolds back in your living room any day now. The affectionate analyst debuts with TBS on Sunday. It's about time if you ask me.

This is the man you tired to keep off TV? For shame, America.

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Hey, we didn't tire him. All those lovely, huggable interns did.

For one half second at the beginning of this video is a snap shot from the ALCS showing the batters due up for the Red Sox. The 2-3-4 combo of Quintana, Boggs and Burks.

There is a 94% chance I was sitting in front of the TV putting my cards in protective sleeves when this promo originally aired.

I can't see the video; what year was the ALCS from?

1990. Against some team called The A's.

I was at the Clemens Ejection game. All I remember was he got ejected when I was eating a chocolate malt.

I like to think that when he goes to sleep at night, Clemens has scary visions of his master, Dave Stewart. Check the numbers; he completely owned Clemens in both regular season and playoffs.

Ugh. You don't think I remember that? That's probably what drove him to get fat, almost retire, leave the Sox, take drugs and win 26 more Cy Young awards.

I wish more A's took drugs.

Fuck and Yes. I just hope HR can resist hugging that adorable little Chip Caray.

This would be a lot cooler if TBS still had all the Braves games.

CTC, who are you kidding? There's a 94% chance that when you read this post you were in front of the screen putting cards in protective sleeves.

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