Manny Moved: Dodgers Obtain Ramirez

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manny.jpgHere it is, folks. According to SI's Jon Heyman the Red Sox have traded Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers.

UPDATE: Pirates involved in deal. Jason Bay to Red Sox. I'm going to have to stay at work past five... TO BLOG.

UPDATE 2: Rosenthal says Andy LaRoche to Pirates, Craig Hansen to Pirates, to other players to the Pirates one from each the Dodgers and Sox.

To recap. Manny, Derek Lowe and Nomar Garciaparra all play for Joe Torre. In Los Angeles. Weird.

UPDATE 3: I kind of miss him already.

UPDATE 4: I'm too tired to write a TQ. See you tomorrow, everybody!

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Any confirmation from Rinku & Dinesh?

I'd like to suggest that eveyrone read all every WoW comment from today later tonight.

You guys were absolutely on fire today.


Just not that comment. Quit having a seizure and update the Manny situation!


Matt_T, keepin' it real in aught-eight.

Part of the deal is that Manny has to give Torre notes on his screenplay.

That looks like a really nice deal for the Pirates.


Finally, the LaRoche brothers are together again.

Someone better restock the medicine cabinet with ritalin

No Manny in Tampa means HOPE FOR ROCCO.

Dammit, I mean no Bay in Tampa. I'm terrible. Blake Dewitt FTW

No questions asked, this is a great trade for the Pirates.

UPDATE 3: I kind of miss him already.

I'm with you there CTC. Not a great day for Sox fans.

Pirates fans react to this trade with a collective snort.

Shhhhh. Don't wake them.

How did the Pirates get a good trade out of this, UTFLW? Don't their prospects (even ones they trade for) usually fail or get traded after one good year? I see this being a great trade for some other team in three years.

@ business

Because every time the Red Sox trade a terrible young reliever, he automatically becomes lights out. LaRoche is a potential stud (Ok, potential consistent player) and it's not like they were keeping Bay much longer anyways. If Brandon Moss gives them 2/3 of Jason Bay, they can easily contend for 5th in the NL Central.

How will we know where to go tomorrow for answers?

Enough about Manny, let's talk about the Tribe winning today.

What time and what channel?

I'm watching Mike Hampton pitch.

This is fucking weird

Well he didn't forget how to hit...a 2rbi double

Andy Pettitte remembers how to pitch.

And how to give up three run tater tots.

@UTFLW-- Good point. Craig Hansen will be a hall-of-famer now. Not only that, but i do think they got a .275/20/85 guy in Moss. I could be wrong (he has downsides including patience in big situations) but I like him. The Dodgers prospects may pan out, too or something.

@ Iracane-- Doesn't he normally forget how to give up tots after the All-Star break?


You just made Joe Morgan, and to a certain extent myself, happy by listing those stats as opposed to OPS or VORP.

Craig Hansen is going to WXRL 5.4 this year, just you watch. And Brandon Moss' OWP could top .550 if he plays his cards right, although I don't think he'll ever reach 20 RCAA.

So me and the same group of buddies have been A's season ticket holders since 2000. 6 of the guys worship at the altar of Billy Beane, PECOTA, and Baseball Prospectus.

I do not. Anytime I want to make fun of them I basically write the same thing you just did, Rob. We should totally hang out.

Except I just realized that I think WXRL is a real thing. I take it back.


Twas the night before August and all through the Nation
the fans on their feet in a standing ovation
Ramirez -- the baby -- is off to L.A.
So who is this guy they call Jason Bay?

He bats from the right and throws that way too
And produces the home runs; he has 22
Will he ever be Manny? “Not a chance” might be true
But when he hits his first homah, we’ll all say “Manny who?”

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