Manny Ramirez Fined For Fighting Feeble Flack

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Hey, remember when Manny Ramirez shoved Jack McCormick, the sixty-something Boston Red Sox traveling secretary? Yeah, me neither, we barely covered it, instead focusing on superstar Red Sox hurler David Aardsma's daddy issues. Welp, it turns out the Red Sox brass are pisssssssssed at Manny:

   According to former WBZ sports director Bob Lobel, Manny Ramirez was fined a six-figure amount for his June altercation with Red Sox traveling secretary Jack McCormick -- and he wasn't happy about it. "Manny was fined six figures to go to a charity," Lobel said this morning on sports radio WEEI. "That got [Manny's] attention ... he became a petulant child by being punished. No matter what the crime was, pushing an employee, that was the issue ... he acted out [after they fined him]. They got his attention. He doesn't like to be punished in any way, shape, or form... "

I don't know who this Bob Lobel character is, but he shore got hisself a scoop! A six figure fine for shoving a sextegenarian! Six figures could buy a whole lotta grills on eBay. Six figures will even put a hurtin' on Manny's $20 million annual earnings! Six figures are enough to bu...oh wait a minute, the fine was only in the $10,000-$15,000 range, as per the Boston Globe's Gordon Edes. Perhaps Mr. Lobel was counting the figures after the decimal point. And then subtracting one. And then carrying the denominator under the integral sign and dividing by e. Math is hard.

Lobel then went on to imply that Manny's taking three strikes looking from Mariano Rivera in the ninth inning of a July 6th Yankees win "was a big [expletive] to the Red Sox after the fine." Okay, just so we're all in hosts are all full of shit, yes? Good.

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And him sliding and missing the catch in left field the other night was a big [expletive] to the Red Sox for making him play in the field when Ortiz is on the DL.

To the rest of the sporting world outside of Boston...

Meet Bob Lobel, retard.

Bob Lobel...why can't we get guys like that?


Bob Lobel


If Boston didn't have shitty irresponsible inuendo-spewing talk radio hosts, how would I justify my undying rage?

He's not a radio host, people. He's just a former sports reporter for the nightly local news, for whatever reason he was on WEEI as a guest.

So Ramirez actually got fined for shoving an old man? I thought using the old standby of "it's just Manny being Manny" cleared him of all wrongdoing.

Ramirez: "Hey dude, I just banged your wife and killed your dog."
Dude: "It's cool. I know you're just Manny being Manny."

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