Massive Mariners Move: Richie Sexson Released

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Massive news out of Oakland today as the Seattle Mariners have released first baseman Richie Sexson.

The move was announced by Lee Pelekoudas, the team's vice president and general manager. "We felt that at this time it was in the best interest of the ballclub, and in Richie's best interest, to make this move" Pelekoudas said in a statement released by the team. Sexson, 33, was hitting .218 with 11 home runs and 30 RBI in 74 games this season.

Sexson is still owed the remainder of the $14 million he was s'posed to earn in the final year of his $50 million contract.

So, does any team need a tall, good-fielding first baseman who gets on base a lot and has the same power output as a triple A battery? Richie Sexson needs work, y'all.

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No more $2.18 beers in the Seattle area? What will they cry into now?

The great news is that Jose Vidro is even worse than the decrepit stiff who's leaving.

Bon Voyage, Big Sexy--it's been real!

Can he pitch? If he can the Twins will take him.

Can we talk about Shake Shack some more? Because that shit is fucking deeeeelish.

I love the Shake Shack and I've never even been there.

Is the shake shack like Steak & Shake? Or is it like the Love Shack?

Or possibly Hack-a-Shaq?

Also, just to show that I care about things other than frozen custard shakes, it's worth noting that 11 HR is not exactly turrible at this point in the season... let's not hate TOO much. Remember when Sexson used to hit like 45 HR in a season? Sigh.

Also, I think Bedard's on the DL as of today. It almost seems cruel to make these kids finish out the season, doesn't it?

Bedard being hurt might actually be a good thing, preventing the current M's regime from trading him at a time when he'd bring little in return. They'll never get back the haul they idiotically gave for him, but still.

11 HR would be a godsend to the A's right now, and his BA fits in our lineup perfectly. If the A's grabbed him would they be responsible for salary, or are the M's on the hook?

Wes Bankston and Daric Barton just cried a little at your comment.

I think the M's have to pick it up--or most of it-- a la the Frank Thomas situation earlier in the year.

In fairness, Sexson's splits against lefties are really strong (small sample size disclaimer, etc. etc.).

He hits righties and hits at Safeco about as effectively as one of Rob's retarded ostriches.

Daric Barton can't spell his own name, let alone read. Besides, they have been with the club long enough now; Beane is looking to trade them for a couple redhot 14 year-old American Legion Prospects.

It's OK, Farthammer. If current trends continue, the A's are a shoo-in to win the 2028 Little League World Series!

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