Massive Trade News: Angels Acquire Mark Teixeira

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File this one under "Things That Happened While I Was Commuting" and/or "Things That Sportscenter Deemed Worthy of Taking a Back Seat to Brett Favre News". Yes, the team with the best record in baseball just got bester:

Sources close to the situation told's Jayson Stark on Tuesday that Atlanta Braves first baseman Mark Teixeira is headed to the Los Angeles Angels for Casey Kotchman and minor league pitcher Steven Marek.

We all know Tex is a super player today, offensively and defensively. He'll help the Angels' lineup tremendously. Sure, he's most likely walking back to Baltimore after the season is up, but giving up an average first baseman and a pitching prospect is a decent price to pay.

As for Kotchman, I said earlier today that Casey Kotchman started off the year hitting well (OPS of .999 as of May 1st but has regressed of late, bringing his OPS under .800. The Angels win this trade for now, but at age 25, Kotchman has some future potential, especially when clever Phillies fans nickname him "Krotchman". Zing.

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Gotta admit, this trade just kind of makes me go meh. Decent pickup by the Braves for two monthes of Tex I suppose


See ya later sucker

Angels fan says: Kotchman was a good dude, but Kotchman 2.0 is toiling away in AAA. Kendry Morales will step in when Teixeira signs with the Fightin Angelos next season. This trade makes me go 'weeee!' as I shed a lone tear.

Also the slightly ironic term "Krotch rocket" has already been coined.

Matt T is either irrationally exuberant or he just pushed his parole officer off a cliff.

A little bit of both.

if that horse faced assfucker John Lackey no-hits us i'll shit myself and kill everyone


I gotta tell ya, I'd love it if the VlAngels got a ring with this team. I love watching them play-- even when they are beating my favorite uniforms.

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