Massive Trade News: Phillies Acquire Joe Blanton

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As per the 700 Level, the Philadelphia Phillies have reached an agreement to acquire RHP Joe Blanton from the Oakland A's in exchange for three minor leaguers. Despite his 14-10 record last year with a decent 3.95 ERA, he's regressed to a 4.96 ERA in 2008 and doesn't fit in with the Oakland plan, I suppose.

He's allowed 12 tater tots in 127 innings this season so there's hope that Citizens Bank Park won't eat him alive, despite its much smaller footprint than McAfee Coliseum. The Phillies defense is not on par with the Athletics so I can't see him improving significantly without pushing his strikeout levels up and his walk levels down.

Most importantly, what the heck does this mean about the A's plans for 2008? Are they selling to win now or selling to win later? Damn you to hell, Billy Beane!

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Later. Always later. Last time we traded to win now was in 2001 when Jermaine Dye came over and tore it up he 2nd half then broke his leg in the ALDS then played below par the next few years and we dumped him to the White Sox and he won a World Series and who needs punctuation you know what I mean?

The point is, Beane and Wolff are waiting until the Fremont move to start acquiring any veteran talent. The next few years are to be filled with cheap prospects. I will continue to support my team, but will deal with the pain of never having any idea who is on the roster by slowly cutting myself.

Win this year? Beane's a genius! Lose this year? Oh, they weren't supposed to do anything anyway. Beane will have them in it for the near future.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

As a Yankees fan, I wouldn't mind a little rebuilding. Oh wait! They just built a new stadium...does that count?

I think they are building to lose now and later.

Seems a little like a panic move for Philly.

It's totally a panic move. I haven't heard/read a single thing that doesn't say the Phillies need a "front line starter" and apparently they've heard/read the same things. Not to mention they feel like they were passed by on CC and to a lesser extent Harden.

This was the more they thought they had to make. We'll see if they were right.

Also with a smaller footprint than McAfee Coliseum:

Bozo the Clown
The Great Wall of China
Andromeda galaxy
John Kruk

Strike that; remove John Kruk from the list.

I wouldn't rush to call this a panic move, necessarily. Blanton, who is certainly not having the best of years, is as good or better than all but one of the Phillies' current starters. Aside from Hamels, the Phils have two guys who are either bad #3s or good #4s (Kendrick and Moyer) and a really bad #5 (Eaton). Myers is a disaster, and may or may not be able to contribute anything this year. This solidifies the middle of their rotation, at the least.

Sure the A's are 6 back from LAAoA, and Anaheim looks strong. A's as a wild card, anyone?

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