Massively Awkward Interview With Recently Traded Kyle Farnsworth

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Our friend at the New York Daily News Jesse Spector finally worked up the nerve to approach New York Yankees Detroit Tigers reliever Kyle Farnsworth for an interview. Of course, he did it the morning before Farnsworth was traded, so this convo between these two otherwise disparate gents is mostly worthless, except for the extreme awkwardness within:

1. If you could trade places for one day with anyone in baseball, who would it be?
Kyle Farnsworth: No idea. Go to the next one.

2. Who's your favorite athlete to watch in another sport?
KF: Hmm. I have no idea. Next one.


4. What is one thing people need to stop talking about?
KF: Uhh...I have no idea. I'll try to think of something.

Awkward! Okay, okay, I edited that for maximum hilarity, but really, could there possibly be a worse time to interview Kyle Farnsworth, especially when he turned on the tears just hours later?

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Drew! Drew! Will Kyle be traded to the Cowboys in the offseason?

KF: When I was like 8 years old, I went to a Braves game. I had a mohawk. I guess then.

I knew there was a reason I like Farnsy.


But could that mohawked 8-year old tell me who is #3 on the Royals bullpen depth chart? I doubt it.

No but he could kick that smart 8 year old's ass

Not at golf, he couldn't.

Got to love how he works bow hunting into the interview.

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