Massively Prolific Blogger Resorts to Blogging from Friendly's

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Baseball Musings' own David Pinto is, not unlike the rest of the baseballblogosphere, furiously liveblogging the deadline day trade rumors and whatnot. Actually, David updates his site about 25 times a day and he's one of the best and most prolific reporters on the web. But unlike the rest of us pecking away at our keyboards from our cubicles or home offices, he's sitting at his local Friendly's restaurant:

    "With my home DSL down, I'm taking advantage of free WiFi at the Longmeadow Friendly's. Many thanks to the folks at Friendly's for not charging like Starbucks. If anyone reads this in the Longmeadow area and wants to come by to talk baseball, feel free to join me."

David, try the Strawberry Fribble with a side of Marvelous and Magnificent Sundae featuring M&Ms. Whatever you do, stay away from the Supermelts. SUPERMELTS ARE MADE FROM PEOPLE

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Everything at Friendly's is made from corn.

Newport Creamery Awful Awful > Friendly's Fribble

/no one outside of new England will get this

I cannot believe this motherfucker is blogging from a Friendly's.

He's going to be defecating pure cream by the end of the day.

Bliss Brothers Dusty Glacier > Friendlys Forbidden Fudge Brownie

/no one outside Attleboro, MA will get this

That sure beats mom bringing down a bowl of half melted off brand vanilla ice cream down to the basement.

Friendly's ice cream isn't half bad, but the place fucking stinks like rotten butterfat and dirty teenagers.

Great, now I'm starving. We got any Fishamajigs around here?

I'm sure the Wi-Fi is super reliable there.

I went to Friendly's and ordered a "happy ending" sundae. needless to say i was very disappointed when they brought out an actual sundae.

On the flip side, I went to a massage parlor, ordered a happy ending, and was pissed when they DIDN'T bring out ice cream.

In related news, Peter Abraham is blogging from an IHOP and has already consumed 98 rooty tooty fresh n fruitys.

Geoff Baker is blogging from Morrissey's loft.

So I take it Friendly's is an East Coast thing? Why do you always have to be so different? JUST GET A MCFLURRY AND CALL IT A DAY

If In-N-Out offers free wi-fi, would MLB beat writers EVER go to Spring Training games?

@honeynut, they might not offer free wi-fi, but they do offer free stickers.

/curses self for living in NY and not being able to enjoy In-N-Out on a daily basis

I just ate so many In-N-Out Animal Style burgers in california. It was amazing but I refrained from writing about it.

It's all about self control. In writing, not eating.

I'm confused... is In-N-Out that massage parlor you all were discussing?

@CTC, I hate you.

/dreams of a double-double

In-N-Out in New York City! Specifically, Queens. More specifically, Astoria. Even more specifically, the corner of 23rd Ave. and 28th St.

@ Phony

The fuck's a Queens?

I stopped in there earlier today to say "Hi!" -- his laptop was closed and he was doing the mazes on the back of the kid's menu/placemat with a red crayon so I left him alone.

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