Mets Are Slowly Killing Johan Santana's Will to Live, My Fantasy Team

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Two major transactions ruled the baseball world this offseason: the Mets wiping their farm system out to acquire superstar pitcher Johan Santana from the Twins and Rob Iracane drafting Johan Santana with his first round pick (sixth overall) in fantasy baseball. Yes, nobody cares about my fantasy team but screw you, this is my blog and I'll force you to read my incontinent whines as long as I want to.

First, let's look at the real world. Santana has a middling 8-7 record after 21 starts in the Mets' first 100 games, but his numbers are far better: his 3.05 ERA is more than a run below league average and his 120 strikeouts are more than three times his 38 walks allowed. Granted, his numbers are not as good as they were in his last five years with the Twins, and he's giving up an inordinate number of tater tots for playing in such a cavernous pitchers park, but c'mon, Mets offense/defense/bullpen! You're wasting a stud pitcher!

The team has scored but 12 runs in Johan's seven losses; in only two of those games did Santana allow more than three earned runs (four runs to the Brewers, four runs to the Angels). This dude should have been an All Star with those numbers! This dude should have 12 wins by now! This dude should be carrying my fantasy team!

No worries, though. I'm in second place in my league thanks to young studs such as Joakim Soria, Jacoby Ellsbury, and...uh...Jason Kendall. Wait a the heck am I in second place with Jason Kendall? And Huston Street?

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The difference between 2008 Johan and pissing-excellence Johan is that he was SO dominant that the Twins usually won those low scoring games anyway. Not so this year.

Flomax will help you out with that incontinence, Rob.

That's what you get for counting on a Met to carry your team.

New York Metropolitans, the Charlie Brown of baseball teams.

The Mets will help you out with that incontinence, Rob.

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