Mets Blogger Breaks Toe; Moises Alou to Tinkle on It.

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The New York Mets have been the walking wounded this season (especially their pitching staff which has allowed the the fourth most walks in the NL...zing!) but nothing could prepare the Shea-denfreude-filled baseball blogosphere for the latest Mets injury. Yes, the Mets best blogger stubbed his toe:

   According to a source close to, Matt Cerrone injured his toe while getting ready for work this morning and took himself to the emergency room for x-rays. Cerrone, who has previously been bothered by knee problems and peanut butter, is expected to miss at least several hours of posting on MetsBlog.

Looks like Matt's co-blogger Ted Berg has a good sense of humor about the affair. Ha! Peanut butter! But in an update to the post, Ted reveals that Matt went in for x-rays and it turns out Cerrone, who is on the payroll for the Mets' cable channel SNY, broke his metatarsal and will require crutches and a boot. Cerrone will join Moises Alou (strained left calf), Trot Nixon (inadequacy), Matt Wise (shoulder hurties), Angel Pagan (emotional distress), and Orlando Hernandez (wallaby rape) on the disabled list.

Seriously folks, Matt Cerrone is a great, prolific blogger and we here at Walkoff Walk wish him a quick and painless recovery. Just borrow some 'relaxatives' from Josh Hamilton.

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Thank God it wasn't a Cubs blogger, both arms would have fallen off.

This sounds like the plot to some shitty horror movie.

If you can take yourself to the emergency room, you don't need X-rays.

Did he step on his Foreman grill?

If you can take yourself to the emergency room, you don't need X-rays.

Nor do you need crutches and a walking boot.

Did he head to the hospital with an owwie on his toe, only to sprain his ankle getting out of the car? That would explain the boot, I guess.

Maybe he is just wearing the boot to get attention from the NY media like Brady did.

Not to be a total homer but check out the play by Punto on game day. I would link to it but as stated earlier I am to good with the interweb

In the MN DET game


My fantasy blogging team is now officially fucked. Screw you, Cerrone.

Wallaby rape is not a joke. It is a terrible social disease; it is virtually never reported because of the shame factor (plus, the Liberal Commie media are total marsupial apologists), and it can destroy lives. You should be more sensitive.

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