Million Dollar Arm Update: Blood Is Spilled

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Convoy.jpgShocking news last week from our friend Rinku in the Million Dollar Arm contest. Seems while having their friend Marty over for dinner, tragedy struck when Rinku sliced his fingers open trying to cut some spare ribs. I'll let him explain:

Back at home; we had Marty sir and his wife over for dinner. Just like we promised. You'll know the menu by now. We don't want to risk making anything but pork ribs. However, I'm not gonna ever handle pork ribs after today. I cut couple of my fingers trying to slice it before serving. Marty sir called the cops. They need to be informed about the smallest incident here. Poor Marty sir came under suspicion initially when the cops got in. They left us with a hospital address once they were satisfied nothing untoward had happened.

I wouldn't trust Marty either. Perhaps the most damning indictment in the whole post is not of Rinku's cutlery skills, but of the American health care system. Apparently it's way worse than India.

I reeled at the bill they produced for some simple bandaging and a tetanus shot. 300 bucks! It's whooping. They took me to the emergency room for such a clear-cut case (pun intended). I didn't get any meds and neither did they do anything to ease the pain. To put salt to injury, we had a stack of forms to sign as a procedure. Deepesh sir and I went into hysterics and laughed our guts out. It was crazy. Back home in India, we would've gotten treated just fine for a mere twenty rupees.

No paperwork in India? What would I move around on my desk to pretend like I'm working instead of writing a baseball blog? Anyway, best wishes to Rinku on a speedy recovery from the entire WoW family.

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I'll let him explain

But then who will interpret it into American English?

It's whooping!

what the FUCK are they doing eating ribs!?!


They were pork. Hindus can eat pork, but not cow. Jews can't eat pork but can eat cow. Muslims can't eat pork but can eat goat. Every religion can eat lamb, so let's all go out for some lambburgers.

Once they determined the ribs were compromised by Rinku's blood, they made a Whooper run for dinner.


No truck.

Do they serve lambburgers at In-and-Out?

Entire WoW family = Rob, CTC, Lobster Baby, Michael Stipe

Portchester Whooping Crane?

hey Gorge: Fuck you, it's as if I don't exist? Think I'll ever fetch stats for CTC again? Pfft.

most Hindus are vegetarians because of their inability to cut meat properly

Darren, how's that spreadsheet for the All Star Game contest coming out?

I thought so.

Easy, Darren--I wasn't including the help.

Sorry Gorge. I didn't mean to overreact.

Rob, I'm working on it.

Maybe one day we'll let you make an actual post if you behave, kid.

All of Darren's fetched stats are named after Upstate NY country stations...AM country stations.

Can Ganesh give us a ruling on eating other exotic game meats?

Okay... maybe it's because I'm on vacation, and drunk (of course)... but I really, really don't have any fucking idea what is going on in this post. DID I miss something earlier? SHOULD I not have had that last fruity rum drink? DO you think that chick at the convenience store can identify me? DOES this shirt make me look fat?

interesting post ;)

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