MLB Ends Boycott Of Sal's

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sals.jpgLast week I read this Reader's Digest article about Sal Fasano (in the actual print edition!). It was all about him struggling in the minors and what a cool guy he was for never using steroids and how rad it was to be poor and the American Dream and zzzzzzzzzz....... Thing read like a Jeff Pearlman article. Oh.

Well, little did I know, he's in the majors right now. It makes the whole minor league struggle story a little less powerful, but good for him anyway.

The Indians did not bring in Fasano to spice up a team photo or for his wheels. They brought him for his experience -- the Tribe is his ninth major-league team since debuting with the Royals in 1996 -- and his reputation as a pro's pro, someone who knows how to be a stop-gap.

What they could not have anticipated is the instant connection made with one of their key components moving forward, left-hander Jeremy Sowers.

Before Fasano arrived, Sowers essentially had dropped his compass in the woods. Sowers was far from the form that made him a big hit late in the 2006 season.

Sowers had a notably horrendous start to the season but since Fasano has started catching him, he's given up just 11 hits in 22 innings. He credits Fasano for calling good games, and Fasano says he's just trying to "teach him to be a major leaguer and stay here for the next 10 years."

Aww... it's like a Papa Bear teaching a baby bear how to catch salmon. Maybe Fasano has more of a future than just minor league ballplayer. Maybe one day he can be a minor league instructor.

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Sal also taught Sowers that when wearing garters, the rose goes in the front.

HAHAH what in the fuck were you doing reading Readers' Digest... waiting in line at the Social Security office? Killing time before your colonoscopy?

Roy Halladay had some good things to say about Fasano helping him with his cutter a year or 2 ago.

Maybe taking steroids would have been a good career decision, eh Sal?

Sal Fasano has had to make some tough decisions about his future in recent months.

"...signs autographs for hours..."

That's a career stat, right?

"someone who knows how to be a stop-gap."
I had one of these in college, he name was Heidi.

"someone who knows how to be a stop-gap."
I had one of these in college, her name was Heidi.

As long as he still has that piggish handlebar stache, then all is good.

I had one of these in college, he name was Heidi.


I did not need to a see a super zoomed in picture of Sal's face after just eating.

I watched him play this weekend. All is good

I knew Twins fans liked chicks with dicks

Yes you got me. I love me some trannys.

I had to stop after six paragraphs; the article was just too wretched.

The tags on the side are awesome, though: "Related Topics: * Amazing People * Sports." Not taking steroids apparently makes you an amazing person.

God, now that I've had time to read it: what a terrible fucking article that is. Hey, Reader's Digest, I'm NOT a heroin addict. Write a story about ME!

I also really like that the Richmond Braves are described as "Atlanta's top farm club." Like he's reached some kind of elite level by virtue of being a 36-year-old AAA player.

Yeah, I'm a cynical bitch. Whatever. This is tripe.

Reader's Digest is for the old and the retarded. We know CTC is not the former, but maybe the ASG Liveglog turned him into the latter?


Its great for some light bathroom reading when you visit your parents.

I read it at my grandparents' house and now frankly, I hate all of you for making fun of them.

Ha ha, there isn't much news going on in Evansville: "Sal Fasano, who played for the University of Evansville's baseball team until being drafted in 1993, is the focus of an article in the current issue of Reader's Digest." What a scoop.

And another thing: Are we to assume Sal Fasano would be an incredible ballplayer with steroids? It's not like he's in good shape right now (unless he suddenly improved in the past year). 'Roids aren't magic pills -- they don't improve the ability to see the strike zone or anything, and guys actually have to work out to get the effect. Now, steroids also help your body recover from injury, so it's possible Fasano is simply too tired to work out enough to get in better shape.

This is my favorite part of the story: "Eight years later, Fasano is here, sitting at a table inside Bethlehem Brew Works in Pennsylvania, picking over a slab of grilled chicken with his right hand and twirling a canister of Copenhagen in his left. He is a large man, six-two, 265 pounds, with brown eyes, puffy lips, and cheeks coated by three-day-old scruff. In a couple of hours, he will report to nearby Coca-Cola Park, where he will sit on the bench and chew tobacco as his Richmond Braves take on the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs in a remarkably unremarkable Triple-A baseball game." COULD YOU PLEASE BE A LITTLE MORE SPECIFIC, MR. PEARLMAN? Jesus, you don't need to give a proper name to everything you mention. Oh, man, he was at Bethlehem Brew Works -- what a great detail to add!

d-mac, I heart you.

Makes it sound like Fasano's on a chain gang or something. What a load. What a steaming, steaming load.

I had to blog about this myself it pissed me off so much.

@ dmac: HEY! We have PLENTY to do here in Evansville. Like, we could, um, u know... we could...


/prank calls Don Mattingly
//weeps into UE sleeved basketball jersey

My one memory of Fasano playing was a few years ago he hit this home run in Oakland that broke one of the windows of the skyboxes in centerfield. It was a just a line shot that kept rising and might have been the hardest hit ball I've ever seen in person.

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