's Jonathan Mayo Rides a Carousel and High Fives a Dog

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I watched part of the Triple-A All Star Game last night on ESPN2 and it was quite the exciting contest. Future Pittsburgh Pirates outfield star Andrew McCutchen broke open a scoreless tie in the seventh with an RBI infield single for the International League. The Pacific Coast League came back with six runs in the ninth and held on to win the contest 6-5, despite a two-run tater tot by Pawtucket Red Sock Chris Carter that drove in Pawtucket Red Sock Joe Thurston.

But the real highlights of the night involved's senior writer Jonathan Mayo being real awkward as the 'sideline' reporter. You may recall Mayo as Camp Tiger Claw's competition in the NY Daily News Player Pick Pool and the author of some puff piece on Roger Clemens.

Please enjoy my trio of videos

Jake the Diamond Dog is smarter and more capable of doing simple tasks than Jonathan Papelbon

Jonathan Mayo rides a carousel

And to tie it all together, Mayo interviews Jake and engages the dog in a most awkward high five.

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Y'all better hope Carter never makes it up for more than a game or two this season, because I'm actually even MORE obsessed with him than Jed Lowrie. Whee!

That carousel video is pricelessly awkward.

Not only is Jake the diamond dog smarter than Papelbon, he doesn't freak out when someone calls his old lady a bitch.

The carousel video needs to be set to Yakety Sax.

and +1 Wahoo.

And Jon Mayo, he goes round and round,
And the painted ponies go up and down...

I bet Jake the Diamond Dog would not be caught dead in pleated khakis.

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