Oh Miguel Batista, Will You Ever Cease To Amaze Me?

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kenny batista.jpgGeoff Baker has been coming through big time lately. His doctor must have upped the dosage on his happy pills or something, because he's been jovial, free spirited and coming up with all kinds of good stuff. Today's pull: Miguel Batista talking about serial killers.

We're talking Richard Ramirez. The infamous "Night Stalker" of serial killer notoriety. Mariners pitcher Miguel Batista throws his name out there along with David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz, Ted Bundy and other crazies in this rather interesting website. It's being used to promote his The Avenger of Blood fiction novel. Look, I won't promise it will change your life or anything. But I can guarantee you that you won't find anything similar out there by a major league ballplayer.

Yes the website is a little more than interesting. There's all kinds of trippy flash animation and Miguel in all his ribbed and fitted glory does bilingual voiceovers about various murderers.

According to the site, The Avenger Of Blood is about a 14 year old serial killer but it "explores the relationship between sin and justice, raising provocative questions about faith and religion, searching for hard answers."

That's some pretty heady stuff, but it needs more Kenny G. It took him five years to research, and I think the hard answers replaced his hard slider because he sucks at pitching now. Still, I salute him for being such a renaissance man and always branching out beyond baseball. Jonathan Papelbon read a cereal box once.

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Miguel Batista is Patrick Bateman.

The answer is yes, some day Miguel Batista will eat a dick.

I remember when Miggy was working on this book at the time the Jays signed him. I was wondering when he'd finish it

Miguel Cabrera's book is about cereal. He's spent years researching Cap'n Crunch, Cookie Crisp and Cocoa Pebbles. He even explores discontinued brands like Fruit Brute, Pac Man and Mr. T.


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