Old Dudes A-Poppin': 2008 Hall Of Fame Inductions

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goose gossage.jpgThis year's HoF induction ceremonies in Cooperstown flew even lower under the radar than usual. Only one player was inducted and he squeaked in on his ninth year of eligibility. Rather than a celebration of his greatness, Goose Gossage's induction just felt like another belated acknowledgment of saves and closers by the committee. "Consistency" is not a word associated with any aspect of that cabal, but discrepancies and oversights seem to be even more prevalent when they talk about closers. Where the hell is Lee Smith?

Dick Williams, two time World Series winning manager and skipper of the 1967 Impossible Dream Red Sox, was also inducted. As usual the proceedings were weepier and more sentimental than your mom after a jug of Carlo Rossi. To wit:

Gossage and Williams openly campaigned for Yankee owner George Steinbrenner, 78, to be in the Hall of Fame, drawing tears from his daughter, Jennifer Steinbrenner. Gossage, who broke down twice during his 18-minute speech, was emotional talking about teammates who passed away, including Bobby Murcer and Thurman Munson.

"I want to thank George Steinbrenner," he said. "I believe he's the greatest owner of all time. He kept the Yankees, the Yankees."

Williams, who led the Oakland A's to back-to-back World Series titles and is only the second manager to lead three franchises to the World Series, also lobbied for Steinbrenner. He worked 10 years as a scout and advisor to Steinbrenner, and his son, Rick, works for the Yankees as a scout.
Fine, whatever. Just don't forget to leave THAT TIME HE WAS BANNED FROM BASEBALL off of his plaque.

In other news, WoW favorite Dave Niehaus was inducted into the broadcaster's wing and The Buck O'Neil Lifetime Achievement Award was given to... Buck O'Neil. Who's dead. Nice save! All in all, it was a fantastic day for the regionally semi-famous and the previously snubbed.

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All in all, it was a fantastic day for the regionally semi-famous and the previously snubbed.

Just like the Northwest Illinois Miss 4H Pageant.

Is the plural of Goose Gossage Geese Gossage, or Goose Geesage?

It's called a Flock of Gossages.

No, I think it's a "gaggle."

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