Orlando Cabrera is a Slick Fielding Misanthrope

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Our pals over at the Stew linked us to an nifty trade rumor today, via Danny Knobler at CBS Sportsline:

   "Hot trade rumor of the day: White Sox send Juan Uribe to the Red Sox, freeing up salary room to deal for Brian Roberts and paving the way to send Orlando Cabrera to the Dodgers."

Wow! That really is some massive trade speculation there, involving four teams, three major players, the Gettys, and the Quebecois rebel factions! The paperwork involved in such a dealing would make even swap-happy Ken Williams cower in fear, unless, of course, the White Sox were desperate to get rid of someone. Could it be...Orlando Cabrera?

According to reports, shortstop Orlando Cabrera is upset with manager Ozzie Guillen over a perceived lack of support. The argument, Cabrera says, is rooted in the fact that Guillen publicly frowned upon two calls that Cabrera made to the official scorer earlier in the season after fielding errors were assigned to him.

Oh, right, that little public tiff back in May. Anyone who has followed Cabrera's career know that he's a good-fielding middle infielder with a serviceable bat. Yet consider the number of teams he's played for in his career: he spent the first few years of his career in Montreal before the Red Sox came calling in 2004. Cabrera came to Boston as part of the trade that sent Nomar to the Cubbies, but was not signed for '05 despite helping the Sox win the World Series. He spent the next three seasons in Anaheim before being sent to Chicago in exchange for starter Jon Garland.

If he's traded now, the Dodgers would become, mind-bogglingly, his fifth team in five years. He's seen the inside of more locker room showers than your sister! I'm just speculatin' here, and please forgive my coarse language, but it sounds like Orlando is a terrible teammate and a real horse's patoot. What gives with this guy?

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I hear he's gassy.

Don't forget about the Edgar Renteria vs. O.C. article.

Cabrera has more drama than The Hills

Could be he's of the Robbie Alomar persuasion.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. But I don't think Ozzie much cares for the Mariotti type.

Could be he's of the Robbie Alomar persuasion.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. But I don't think Ozzie much cares for the Mariotti type.

Gah! Damn this Interwebs - mocking me by posting my lame comments twice!

Alomar's persuasion is that he's filled with marshmallow and covered in chocolate.

/spits at everyone in comment thread

@ CTC: Hey! Rick said NO SPITTING!

Oh wait, wrong Nation. Spit all you want, WoWNation

@ The Kid: -4 for bringing nothing to this comment section with your lame as musings.

@ The kid: -4

(for bringing nothing to the table with your lame ass musings)

He moves more than Kenny Lofton... in a fed ex commercial

I'm sick of banning this fucking guy.

RedsoxGation calling someone out for there lame comments is like me calling someone a homer.

Flamer war!

Anybody have 4 I can borrow?

@The Kid: you wouldn't like my terms

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