Pay No Attention to the Man Attending Training Camp

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sweepingbaby.jpgEnjoy today's games before vomiting linemen push our beloved baseball from the moving picture sportscast; and rest easy with the knowledge that Casey Blake is quickly adjusting to LA.

Man the Brooms! Many a potential sweep today, with the Yankees, White Sox, Marlins, Angels, Rangers, Diamondbacks, Rockies, Dodgers, and Blue Jays all looking to take their weekend sets. At all costs, don't be the guy that brings an actual broom to the ballpark. Unless you fill the handle with sweet, sweet booze. Or plan on cleaning up your own peanut shells.

Pitching Match Ups Make Baseball Fun The much maligned Johan Santana takes on the inexplicably 12-2 Kyle Lohse in the rubber match at Shea. Both of these teams need to keep pace in their wacky division races. When one thinks of big games, one shouldn't count out Randy Wolf's Astro debut in the battle of shitballing inning eaters. Wolf! Suppan! The rhythm is gonna get ya. Or perhaps a classic Cy Old versus Cy Young & Terrible is more to your liking? Do you think Barry Zito cashes his paycheck with a straight face? Randy Johnston is 9 wins and 9 years shy of 300.

I'm off to see who wants to see a Jays sweep more: the Blue Jays or the Mariners. Thanks for stopping by this weekend, and thanks to Rob and CTC for letting me ruin their perfectly good website. Barring them coming to their senses, I'll back next weekend, and here in the meantime. Enjoy the middday action.

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Bitchslapping football and linking to some Hope Con? You'll certainly be back next week.

I may have to stick some Clouds in here sometime this week.

Thank God they got this Yanks-Sox tilt in tonight. It's been 3 or 4 days since I was reminded how these two teams play baseball on a higher plane.

/shakes ass

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