People Who Were Good in April to Start Midsummer Classic

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According to this All Star report from Sports Illustrated, the two starting pitchers in the All Star Game will be Cliff Lee and Brandon Webb. Now, don't misunderstand my intentions here: Lee and Webb are great pitchers who deserve their moment under the lights in Yankee Stadium. I endorsed their election to the team and will be glad to cheer for them next Tuesday night.

Still, are these really the two best pitchers in their respective leagues, or are they merely being rewarded for a super-hot start to the season? Let's take a look at their stats split at a completely meaningless date:

Lee, before May 12: 6-0, 0.67 ERA

Lee, since May 12: 5-1, 3.72 ERA

Webb, before May 1: 5-0. 1.80 ERA

Webb, since May 1: 6-4, 4.21 ERA

Perhaps Cliff Lee has not fallen off as much as I'd thought. He's 11-1 for a last place team, so that should count for something. But in the National League, maybe another one-loss pitchers should have earned himself a starting nod. San Francisco stud Tim Lincecum is 10-1 with a 2.49 ERA and leads the league in strikeouts with 122. He's the best pitcher in baseball and his team is just 26-43 on days he doesn't pitch. Lincecum may be young but he's earned more than just a roster spot; he should be starting this game.

And yes, I am a total Yankees homer who wants to see Mariano Rivera start the game. Sue me.

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If you're not kidding about that Rivera article I'm breaking up the blog and selling it for parts. just offered Peter Abraham of a million bucks to write columns.

I MEAN when you let fans vote for the All-Star game, there's no way it's going to reflect who should ACTUALLY be starting and/or playing. Hence why it's the most retarded thing ever that this actually counts for something that affects post season play. Not to mention that the leagues are totally imbalanced in terms of depth at certain positions (see: Catchers, NL vs. AL).

Yeah I think the All-Star game is really stupid ok?

The Braves announcers talked about Rivera starting yesterday, and they both want to see it happen too.

So we finally learn "FutureMrsRickAnkiel"s true identity - Bud Selig.

/had my money on Will Leitch

Also, I think it's a no-brainer that Scott Kazmir should be starting the AL game.

Honestly, I think Lefty Gomez should start the game but he's been dead for 20 years.


If nobody wants to start the game, Mark Redman's available.

Webb over Lincecum or Volquez is retarded. But not as retarded as Kazmir over Lee.

I only watch the All Star game for the commercials.

And nothing is as retarded as LaRussa leaving Pujols on the bench

I agree with Phony.

Pete Abraham thinks that Rivera should start for both leagues.

Juan Rivera should start for the Plain Named All Star Team.

It's a travesty of a sham of a mockery of a joke that Bob Feller is not starting the game.

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