Point/Counterpoint Pt. 1

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In honor of tonight's big showdown.

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Calling Ben Sheets "Mr. Injury" may just be the pinnacle of lame.

A Cub fan calling Ben 'Stained' Sheets Mr. Injury is true comedy gold.

Well, video one had lame voice over work and a terrible set of insults. Video two had a Midwestern guy with a stache saying "fuck".

I'm torn here.

You say tomatoh, I say tomatoe.

bandwagon indeed

Making fun of Cubs fans is frankly too easy... it is, in effect, like pooping on poop


While this post did have echo-mike, which I love, my only quibble is that it, frankly, could have used more echo-mike.

soooo what fans are not easy to make fun of?

I forgot to tell everyone. Grunter made the first video. It's actually the most clever thing he's ever done.

Diamond Backs.


I have better things to do than to waste my time making that video (even if it is making fun of brewer fans)


ps: where's Llyod?...we like Llyod, hate CTC

This is exactly like the split between North and South Korea, except there are no malnourished people on either side and Kim Jong Il is less of a dickweed than Sam Zell.

In the North they are actually over nourished.

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