Raptors Versus Chukars: Who Ya Got?

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The Ogden Raptors, a rookie league affiliate of the Dodgers, done got into a brawl with the Idaho Falls Chukars after the very first batter of the game. Here's your YouTubular proof of what happened after a simple hit batsman:

Yes, that's the Idaho Falls Chukars, affiliated with the Kansas City Royals and formerly known as the Idaho Falls Russets. A chukar is a consarned pheasant, which is far less impressive than their previous tater-tot nickname.

(via Tony Jackson)

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I can't believe you called me a chukar. No way I'm a chukar, I do
not chuk, never chuked, never have chuked, never will chuk, no chuk!

I know nobody normal from Ogden.
that is all

Idaho Falls didn't have to change their name just because Tim died.

Also, I saw this happen at a minor league hockey game when I was like 7. Puck drops and boom huge brawl.

Was this lady involved?


...and a Chukar in a pear tree!


Chuuuuuuuuukars, come out and plaaaaay!

Chukar, don't bother me.

Is this post in English? I can't understand a goddamn word of it.

Needs more Jose Offerman.

@FMRA: I'm glad it's not just me. I know I'm hungover, but generally if I read something like 5 times I begin to understand it.

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