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I'm headed to D.C. for the weekend and CTC is out in LA so this may be the last you are hearing from us until Monday morning. If so, here's a question to ponder: which team will we no longer be considering for the playoffs after this weekend: Yankees, A's, Braves, Marlins, Rangers, or the Brewers?

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Jeez, a couple of morning meetings prevent me from stalking reading WOW and now this. Now what am I supposed to do, work?

Time to relearn HTML tags, UTFLW.

You're gonna need that HTML knowledge when they start to let you write the Evening Questions.

/won't let it die
/realizes it's not funny
/so sad and alone

Evening Questions? EVENING QUESTIONS? What is this, NPR? I'm retarded.

@ honeynut

You only said evening because you're trying to bring a touch of class to the site. And don't let it die, I think I should openly campaign for the slot. Hey, they're both off for the day, why can't I write it?

Yankees, A's, Braves

All 3, and Rob, Farthammer and I will have a pity party, listen to emo music and cut.

Ah Rangers. Duh?

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