Stathead Voros McCracken Agrees with Thick-Skulled Camp Tiger Claw

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Like matter and anti-matter, humidifiers and de-humidifiers, and dog food and rat poison, sabermetricians and traditionally-minded baseball folk can sometimes produce dangerous results when mixed. Exceptions can sometimes be made, like when you're trying to kill your girlfriend's chihuahua, or when Baseball Think Factory picks up a Walkoff Walk piece and stathead Voros McCracken posts a comment on the item:

In my old age, I try and give the benefit of the doubt in most cases. But, like Cam Bonifay, there just aren't any excuses for Chuck LaMar. The first four years in the history of Devil Rays baseball were among the most clueless and inept I've ever seen. That these years are so obviously critical to getting the franchise off on the right foot with its potential fans makes it doubly so.

Oh brilliant, McCracken agrees with our own Camp Tiger Claw! Voros is credited with inventing DIPS, a system of statistics that measure a pitcher's performance independently from the crappy fielders who play behind him. For example, DIPS could effectively measure Andy Pettitte's value without taking into account Derek Jeter's total lack of range to his left side. McCracken eventually landed a cushy consulting job with the Red Sox and now maintains his own blog.

Camp Tiger Claw, on the other hand, is a self-described thick-skulled believer in baseball tradition and tends to lean on jokes. He shuns fancy statistics, partly because he believes they are overtly snooty and partly because he doesn't understand 'math'. But he's no Joe Morgan, and he's no cretin; CTC totally digs on OPS. Still, he wrote a great critical piece on former Tampa Bay GM LaMar. Glad to see that the baseballblogosphere agrees on at least one thing: Chuck LaMar was not good.

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CTC also looks like a Michael Ian-Black knockoff and wears a lot of tight, plaid shirts.

Camp Tiger Claw sucks!

I'm just a caveman! Your methods of accounting for a pitcher's success independent of the fielders behind him frighten and confuse me!

@ Gwynn

please don't disrespect Mr. Ian-Black

I wish Winnie told me that math doesn't suck when I was in school

Danica still has a high VORBC

after all these years has Derek Jeter ever NEEDED to field a ball on his left?

I don't think sabermetricians are "overtly snooty."

I just think they're all racists.

Due to its taste and affordability High Life leads all beers in VORB

Yeah, but which beer leads in VURPs? I'll go with skanky Newcastles.

My mom says i look nice in plaid.

It wasn't a dig. You look ludicrously good in plaid. No ho- eh, I can't type it. I'm sick of it already.

Seriously, I am with CTC in that I like the "new" stats but am a traditionalist. Like I will talk OPS and EqA all day, but if you throw a WARP3 at me I'll probably call you a dorkface and give you a noogie. And VORP? Value Over Some Imaginary Replacement Player Based On League Averages?

The only Replacement I wanna talk about is dreamy Keanu Reeves leading his ragtag gang of misfits.

The only Replacement I wanna talk about is Tommy Stinson, because he totally sold out.

The album "Let it Be" wasn't too bad either.

I suppose "The Replacements" was a better movie title than "The Scabs."

Damn... Should have hit refresh.

You guys and your crazy music. What's wrong with Pat Boone?

Screw the Mats...Voros was in The Clams!

Just read a great article over at with Chuck Lamar mentioned. It was referring to what would happen if the Trop decided to sale some "priceless artifacts" from their collection. They listed 10 and this one cracked me up.

7. Notes from all the good trades Chuck LaMar wasn't "allowed" to make.

I feel just like you about ole Chuck.

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