The Angels Are Not Scoring 6 Runs Per Game

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Baseball_Batting_Tee.jpgI hope everyone is enjoying "Managerial Review Tuesday" here on WoW. The other day I regaled you with Mike Scioscia's caviar dreams of his Angels club scoring "more than 5 or 6 runs a game." He was as high as a kite on couple nights of solid offense, but just as soon as he said that, well... they went right back to stinking up the joint.

(A's pitcher Greg) Smith (5-6) scattered four hits over nine innings, sending the Angels to their fourth loss in five games and trimming their American League West lead over the A's to 3 1/2 games.

The Angels, who were shut out twice by the Dodgers over the weekend, have scored two runs in their last 37 innings and have been held to five runs or less in 31 of the last 38 games.

"Right now, we [stink]," center fielder Torii Hunter said. "And it is a domino effect. Trust me, we care. We're trying. We're going to get it right. I promise. This [stinks]."

That is most certainly NOT the Torii Hunter I know. My friend Mike DiGiovanna says it's hard for the Angels to remedy the slump because they have many different types of hitters. He's right. This is a situation unique only to ALL 30 MLB TEAMS. Sheesh. It seems hitting coach Mickey Hatcher would be a tough guy to get rid of because he's so zany and lovable, but they have to do something if this doesn't remedy itself and the A's creep closer.

Or, comedic denial works too.

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Haha remember that episode of The Simpsons where Mike Scioscia got cancer from working at the power plant?

Just kidding. Cancer is never funny.

Please review Ozzie next

Birthjack: i'm officially a creepy uncle. Also, Mike Scioscia is a dumb dago

Mike Scioscia: Placing veteran loyalty over production since...when did Garrett Anderson start sucking? Since then.



If Scioscia hadn't made Reggie Willits and Howie Kendrick swap identities four years ago, none of this would have happened.

Congrats, Rob. That's awesome.

Watch your back, Lobster Baby--your hold on that gig is tenuous, and there is new blood in play, now.

They just need to reacquire Eckstein. Problem solved.

And congrats Rob.

Congrats Rob. Can we get a video of the baby on a treadmill set to 'yakety sax'?

Congrats Rob,
you know as uncle your duty is to scare and intimidate potential girlfriends/boyfriends.

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