The Dodgers Still Need a Shortstop Not Named Nomar

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Lost in all the Manny mess and the Maddux miasma is the fact that the Los Angeles Dodgers STILL need a friggin' shortstop. Rumors have been floating around for the past month but nothing has happened since July 1st. Well, except, of course, Nomar Garciaparra becoming the starting shortstop for the team and then getting hurt, forcing the Dodgers to go with...sigh...Royals castoff Angel Berroa.

So let's throw some names against the wall and see which ones cause Ned Colletti to make a crazy trade:

  • Jack Wilson (PIT) - Pirates wanted too much
  • Brian Roberts (BAL) - not even a shortstop, and there's no chance
  • Michael Young (TEX) - why would the Rangers even deal him?
  • Adam Everett (MIN) - THE TWINS NEED HIM
  • Cal Ripken (BAL) - Holiday Inn Express won't budge
  • Snuffy Stirnweiss (NYY) - killed in 1958 when his train plummeted into Newark Bay
  • Brian Bocock (SFG) - giggle giggle snort!
  • John MacDonald (TOR) - who?
  • David Eckstein (TOR) - perfect fit on a mediocre team of veterans
  • Marco Scutaro (TOR) - cripes, how many shortstops does J.P. Ricciardi have?
  • Tomas Perez (HOU) - he still plays? For the Round Rock Express?

So I guess they'll be stuck getting David Eckstein from the Blue Jays. He's a gamer!

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What about Wipstopar Mancheesto? Is he available?

How about Shermaline Inks?

Jeff Frye.

Ned better keep his slimy hands off Johnny Mac...

If Rafael Furcal was still alive, none of this would have happened.

@ Lloyd: If only Mac could hit with his glove...

Take Bobby Crosby and Huston Street and Alan Embree.

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