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neil_diamond.jpgSOME OF LAST NIGHT:

Do you see what happens Tampa? Do you see what happens Tampa? This is what happens when you upset Neil. Rays lose fifth straight against Cliff Lee and Indians... Also streaking: Mets take seventh in a row against lowly Rox... Twins top Tigers and creep back to 1.5 games out, after Pale Hose lose to mashing Rangers... Jason Werth knocks in walkoff single in 12th to help Phillies assert dominance over sub .500 Snakes... Another day, another complete game 2 hitter from Roy Halladay. Jays stick this one to the Yankees... Let us not overlook Kyle Lohse's 7 inning shutout. Sure it was against the Pirates, but still... Sean Gallagher allows 2 hits in his A's debut. Hahahahahahaha. Awesome. A's beat Angels 9-2.


  • Rich Harden makes his Cubs debut.

  • FOX is showing Rockies/Mets, or uh... Twins/Tigers... or uh... Snakes/Phils. I'd like the second one, but I bet I get the Mets.

  • If you're up late, Nolasco/Kuroda should be a good one.

Enjoy your day, WoWies.

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Best Yankees loss I've watched in years. I couldn't be more happy to have my favorite team humiliated by such a gentleman. Roy Halladay for Governor of Blue Jays Nation.

Rockies Mets today and tomorrow night? How much do the networks hate us?

I got an email from MLB letting me know that tickets are still available for the home run derby. Turns out they cost 500 clams apiece. I'll pass, thanks.

Was thinking of scalping my way into the Sox tonight but of course just like 90% of the games I've been to since 1997, Tim Wakefield is pitching.

/waves white flag on this season

Man, I dont wanna watch the fucking Mets and Rockies.

My free preview of will allow me to skip that Mets game.

wtf Maddux just stole 2nd

Alex Rodriguez has more home runs than Mickey Mantle.

In 400 less games. FOUR HUNDRED. That's ridiculous.

Expect to hear more about this in the morning.

Because I wake up earlier than you and I have the password to write on the blog.

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