The Sunday Morning Post

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televangelist2.jpgDAMN YOU, MOVABLE TYPE.

My whole morning post just erased. Here's what happpened.


  • Twins look for 4 game sweep of Tigers

  • Lincecum vs. Dempster

  • Kazmir tries to stop Rays' slide.

  • Rockies/Mets is your Sunday night game.
Have a good day everyone. I'm going to go punch the guy that invented MT in the face.

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I hope you're only punching him in the face because he's guarding his cock. Because cockpunching is the Official Violence of WoW™.

So I know when you are a big fan of a team, any small flaw is magnified 100 times over. And I was told that our bullpen is statistically pretty good. BUT CONSARNIT I HAVE BEEN HARPING ON OUR BULLPEN FOR HOW LONG ON THIS WEBSITE AND THERE THEY GO AND DO IT AGAIN AGAINST OUR DIVISION RIVALS NO LESS.

Piraat Belgian Ale. I have no good opinion on this because I am hungover and just need a little hair o' the dog. But it doesn't seem bad.

Today was the first time since April the Braves won 2 in a row on the road

You know why i love this website?

Cause we're all living in our own baseball asylum. rock and roll and coke and death

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