The Sunday Morning Post: Plenty For All

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breakfastofchampions.JPGAs you enjoy a healthy breakfast, let Walkoff Walk catch you up on what happened while you were realizing the wife from the No Country for Old Men is the schoolgirl from Trainspotting.

Phillies 10, Braves 9: Fireworks! Pinch-hit home runs! Synergistic exclamation marks! Greg Dobbs was the hero of a game that featured two IOUSes (innings of unusual size). Mike Hampton seemed lost as he exited the field without a trainer at his side. Hampton gave up 6 runs in 4 innings; craptastic for most, but a moral victory for Mike as all his bones and organs remain intact. Meanwhile, Fernando Tatis admitted having a terrible shellfish allergy in the Mets extra inning loss. 2-2 count with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 12th, he grounded out to the pitcher. FERNANDO, COULDN'T YOU HAVE THOUGHT OF THE SHRIMP??

Yankees 10, Red Sox 3: The New York Yankees have won 8 games in a row. They are every villain in every horror movie ever made. Each season, they struggle later and later into the summer. But no matter what you do, no matter how hard you bash them over the head with your typewriter, they keep coming back. Robinson Cano warmed the cockles of Joe Morgan's heart with a double, a fried potato product and three rib eyes. Just as Cano's mental second half arrived like clockwork, so has the annual "Whatever shall we do about Manny" storyline. Cue the inevitable speculation about where he may land.

D-backs 5, Giants 3 Lincecum and Webb delivered on their duel promise, only to see the Giants bullpen bring the game back to a suitable NL West quality. Mr Fantastic struck out 13 Snakes but Brandon Webb hung on for his 14th win. Jon Rauch made his debut, shutting the door from well across the room. The Dodgers won and acquired Casey Blake for two prospects and a Mennonite to be named later.

Angels 11, Orioles 6: The Angels really need to examine their organization from the top down. They have no intention of playing Meaningful Baseball in September, which soundbites have taught me to be the point of the season. The Halos will have this locked up by Labour Day. Yeah, that's right. You bring a Canadian aboard, we come with the U's.

Twins 11, Tribe 4: The Twins are trying their best to keep pace with White Sox. They made Fausto Carmona long for the comfort of the disabled list, tagging him for 9 runs in 2 1/3 innings. In Detroit, the White Sox snuck by the Tigers again on the strength of Carlos Quentin's awesomeness. Both teams wore Negro League uniforms, the Tigers selection is sure to be a hit with the streetwear set.

The NL Central gets no love because of all the losing. Sorry Albert, 5-8 with the go-ahead homer just isn't good enough. Lots more fun this afternoon.

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Yeah, she looked prety good in that school girl outfit. Oh my.

Several things here just blew my mind. Including but not limited to, the No Country/Trainspotting revelation and Dan Shaugnessy saying "Stat geeks, take note: Manny's OPS is down the last two years. By a lot." Mainly because I bet he thinks that's some kind of huge concession to put that info in a column.

Also I believe that in that picture of James Caan, he's wearing a Shrimp Jersey..

I am very glad I wasn't able to see the Braves lose yesterday. That one hurts.

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